The Cipria Sofa from Edra Furniture

The modern sofa has two things in mind: to be the ultimate in style, and the ultimate in comfort. Today, modern sofa trends present a new and evolved sofa. A sofa design that seeks the best in terms of upholstery material, color, and design, but is also so comfortable to sit on, it doubles as a bed!

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The Cipria Sofa from Edra Furniture is more than a sofa where you can sit down after a busy day and relax for a while, it’s a sofa that can decorate your extravagant house or night club. It has a very playful and yet stylish design that would definitely become the central point of attention in your home. It could make a great addition to a sophisticated night club, but it has that characteristic, the fact that it can be transformed into a bed that makes it a little more appropriate for simple homes.

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Your living room will instantly become the most extravagant room of the house. The sofa comes in many different color combinations that contribute to the playful and fun design. It’s a large sofa, with many smaller cushions that when put together for this lovely and cozy look. As you can imagine, the sofa is very comfortable and extremely soft and cozy. It’s the perfect sofa for cold winter days and a very beautiful piece, perfect for relaxation and comfort.