The Alphabet Library from France, a place where reading is a pleasure

Reading is a tricky activity. You either love or you hate it. But it’s easier to be part of the first category when you see libraries like this one. Here, reading is indeed a pleasure. This is the Alphabet Library. Unlike many old reading rooms from the libraries in France, this one combines all the different details of the décor into one continuous image.

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The library’s interior was a project by architect Stephane Hof. It can be found in Zaha Hadid’s Pierres Vives government building in Montpellier. The interior design is minimalist, modern and very inviting. It’s what any library should be like. This reading room is lined with glowing bookcases which give it a rather futuristic look. The bookcases are not just décor. They also emanate soft, diffuse light, very pleasant to the eyes, especially when reading.

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The Alphabet Library is situated in the building’s public archive department. What particularly interesting about its interior design is the multitude of continuous surfaces. Everything is smooth and cohesive. The furniture includes tables and information desks tat curve out from the bookcases. It’s an innovative detail that distinguishes this library from many other reading rooms in France where the tables are always detached from the bookshelves. A continuous décor is more soothing for the eye and it’s also contributing to a more inviting and pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.