Tangram Block Sofa by Designskin

We all desire a light weighted sofa set for our well furnished house. The sofa sets designed by Designskin makes your kid feel relaxed and have fun with its compression qualities. Little babies love to jump and move up and down on such sofa sets. These are really playful for them and the design is crafted in the shape of a puzzle game. Do you remember those wooden shapes we used to play with when we were kids?

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They were called Tangram and we arranged them in different ways, using the different shaped blocks in order to build strange architecture. Well, your children can play with their furniture and play a Tangram game at the same time thanks to the designers of this great sofa.

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They can disassemble it and use it as a puzzle, build other things, climb and rest on it, too. When the play is finished, just put the pieces together and you have a nice and comfortable sofa. Oh, don’t lose any pieces or your furniture will look funny! It is a furnished item for your home.