Talt Low Sofa by Modern Outdoors

Made in USA, this colorful outdoor sofa is part of a larger collection, the Talt line. The set includes benches and chairs, made exclusively for outdoor use only.The sofa, as well as the other elements, is made from Brazilian Walnut, also called Ironwood. It’s a very dense product which is naturally resistant to rot, insects, UV exposure, ice, salt, abrasions and splintering. The frame is made from electro-polishing stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, contamination and bacteria growth, as well as to micro smoothness. The dimensions are 33’’d x 72’’w x 15,5’’ seat length.

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It’s a very safe and resilient piece of furniture that also has a very nice aesthetic appearance. To further personalize your choice, you can choose from a variety of colors: snow white, sand, frost grey, chocolate, nutmeg or lime. You can also opt for powdercoated silver steel frame. Your outdoor space will look better than ever. It’s going to be a pleasure to just relax on the bench and admire the surroundings.This modern outdoor sofa it’s available for 2999$.