19 Stylish Retail Design Stores Interiors Around The World

Have you ever thought about how different it is to design a retail store than it is to design a house? Where would you start for example? Also, how would you design the interior? In a store, one of the main priorities is to make the space feel appealing to the costumers and to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. Each retail store does that in its own way.

Clothing stores.

AIGLE flagship store, Paris.

AIGLE flagship store ParisView in gallery

Let’s start with this Aigle flagship store. As a matter of fact, this one is not that different from a home. That’s because it was designed to look like one.

AIGLE flagship store Paris1View in gallery

AIGLE flagship store Paris2View in gallery

AIGLE flagship store Paris3View in gallery

AIGLE flagship store Paris4View in gallery

AIGLE flagship store Paris5View in gallery

AIGLE flagship store Paris6View in gallery

It’s been organized as a family home and it has wood flooring, vintage wallpaper, a fireplace and even a stove. At the back, the store has a greenhouse where products are beautifully exhibited.

Aritmetik Store in Quebec – Canada.

Aritmetik store design4View in gallery

This one is the Aritmetik store and it was designed by IDX Design + COM. You can find it in Quebec, Canada. The store reunites almost all the styles.

Aritmetik store designView in gallery

Aritmetik store design1View in gallery

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It has industrial fixtures combined with warm wood details, vintage furniture and modern elements. It has two entrances and they both lead into a long and narrow corridor. Mini shops and departments were created along a central path and thus the difficult layout was embraced.

Joyce boutique in Shanghai.

Joyce boutique Shanghai3View in gallery

This Joyce boutique is located in Shanghai, in the IAPM mall and was designed by Koichi Futatsumata. It’s a luxury retail store with a sleek interior, curved ceiling and walls and artistic details.

Joyce boutique ShanghaiView in gallery

Joyce boutique Shanghai1View in gallery

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It has a special window gallery where the works of new and talented artists are showcased. In this store you can find exclusive collections displayed in an elegant and inviting environment featuring a combination of modern and vintage details.

Chloé boutique in Soho.

Chloe boutique New York2View in gallery

Chloe boutique New YorkView in gallery

Chloe boutique New York1View in gallery

We now visit New York where we can find this chic Chloé boutique in Soho. The interior was designed after the new flagship from Paris. It has a cozy atmosphere and a clean and very feminine interior décor. The walls are painted pale rose and the store also features metal accents and vintage furniture. The combination of colors, textures and materials is beautifully balanced. The façade of the store has a very interesting design, a combination of antique and modern.{found on site}.

Liu Jo Grand Boutique in Milan.

Liu Jo Grand Boutique Milan4View in gallery

The Liu Jo Grand Boutique from Milan is all about having a modern design. It’s simple but it’s also very refined. The Christopher G. Ward adopted a modern and high tech approach for this project.

Liu Jo Grand Boutique Milan3View in gallery

Liu Jo Grand Boutique Milan1View in gallery

Liu Jo Grand Boutique Milan2View in gallery

The interior décor is sophisticated and luxurious but, at the same time, it’s also simple and inviting. The armchairs and the soft carpeted flooring welcome the costumers and give them a very nice home-like feeling. The store is a comfortable and relaxing space despite the rigidity of some design elements.

Pepe Jeans London store in Rome.

Pepe Jeans London RomeView in gallery

Pepe Jeans London Rome2View in gallery

Pepe Jeans London Rome1View in gallery

A strong contrast between old and new can be seen in this flagship store from Rome. It’s the first one of its kind from Pepe Jeans London. The store occupies a surface of 150 square meters and it’s dedicated to clothes and accessories. The interior is very obscure and unusual, presenting stone walls with a rough finish and very casual accent details. Some antiquities are also displayed here and they contrast with the modern and hip clothes displayed on the walls.{found on theskinnybeep}.

Folk clothing store in London.

Folk clothing store London4View in gallery

Folk clothing store LondonView in gallery

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Folk clothing store London3View in gallery

Located on Lamb’s Conduit Street in London, this new clothing store was designed by IY A Studio. The Folk store has an interior with lots of personality. The main color for the project is white. It was used on the walls, ceilings and even for the flooring. There are also lots of wood features that, in combination with the white background, create a well-balanced and warm atmosphere. Here you can find a range of vintage items displayed in a simple system.

Tommy Bahama flagship store in New York.

Tommy Bahama New York

This Tommy Bahama flagship store is located in New York and it’s quite impressive. First of all, it’s a 13,000 square foot space. Also, the interior is decorated like a tropical paradise.

Tommy Bahama New York3View in gallery

Tommy Bahama New York4View in gallery

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Tommy Bahama New York2View in gallery

The store has three levels and it also includes a restaurant. Wood was used for most of the interior design. As you advance inside this space you’ll get to see strategically positioned palm trees, driftwood and seashell sculptures, all designed to create a soothing and tropical atmosphere.{found on site}.

Nudie Jeans concept store in Brisbane.

Nudie Jeans Brisbane2View in gallery

Nudie Jeans Brisbane3View in gallery

Nudie Jeans BrisbaneView in gallery

Nudie Jeans Brisbane1View in gallery

This is one of the Nudie Jeans concept stores, opened in Brisbane, Australia. It’s a 600 square foot modular structure featuring botanic and organic notes that reflect the company’s interest in a sustainable future. The store features large windows, white tiled walls and recycled wooden floors. There’s also a denim wall with an old-style library ladder. There are three more Nudie Jeans concept stores in Australia.{found on fam}.


Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam Store.

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Red Wing Shoes Store AmsterdamView in gallery

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This is the Red Wing shoe store which you can find in Amsterdam. Here you can buy shoes and accessories. The shoes are displayed on steel and antique glass show cases filled with coal. The walls of the store are made of dark concrete and they’re decorated with workman’s tools that date back to the beginnings of the company. One of the walls is made of wood from an old Amish water tower and here are displayed most of the accessories.{found on slamxhype}.

Another Red Wing store.

Bread Butter Berlin 2013 Winter REDView in gallery

Bread Butter Berlin 2013 Winter RED1View in gallery

Bread Butter Berlin 2013 Winter RED2View in gallery

Bread Butter Berlin 2013 Winter RED3View in gallery

Bread Butter Berlin 2013 Winter RED4View in gallery

Located in Berlin, this is also a Red Wing store. The company was founded by Charles Beckman in the late 19th century and the present stores still feature some of the details from that period. Just like the store from Amsterdam, this one features a simple interior, with dark walls and display areas made of wood. Here you can also find a selection of antique furniture and elements designed to create a décor unique to this brand.{found on retaildesignblog}.

14 oz. shoe store.

14 oz Shoes store BerlinView in gallery

14 oz Shoes store Berlin1View in gallery

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14 oz Shoes store Berlin4View in gallery

Also in Berlin you can find the 14 oz. shoe store. It’s situated in the heart of the city and it features a large selection of shoes and accessories for both men and women. The store occupies a surface of 40 square meters so it’s quite small. It has exposed brick walls, dark ceilings columns and the shoes and accessories are displayed on wooden shelves. The leather furniture matches the wood and adds to the warm atmosphere.{found on textilwirtschaft}.

De Splenter Shoes store.

De Splenter ShoesView in gallery

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Most of the shoe stores we’ve presented so far had dark interiors with brick walls, dark ceilings and vintage furniture. Well, it’s not the case for this one. This is a De Splenter Shoes store which you can find in Holland. It has a crisp and modern interior featuring white walls, white shelves and even white flooring. The furniture is minimalist and modern and the only contrasting detail is the brick wall at the back of the store.

Food and drink.

Sainsbury’s Fresh Kitchen in London.

Sainsburys Fresh Kitchen2View in gallery

Sainsburys Fresh KitchenView in gallery

Sainsburys Fresh Kitchen1View in gallery

Let’s start the selection of delicious stores with this Fresh Kitchen space from London. Designed by Twelve Studio, the interior design emphasizes the freshly made hot food and drinks. The client requested a design that would feel different but that would also attracts customers. The designers focused on freshness and quality and they used bold colors and lighting that emphasizes that.

O-CAKE American bakery.

OCAKE American bakery Plasma MedellinView in gallery

OCAKE American bakery Plasma Medellin1View in gallery

OCAKE American bakery Plasma Medellin2View in gallery

The O-CAKE American bakery is also a colorful space. Located in Colombia, the bakery specializes in cupcakes, muffins, cookies and other American classics. The interior is fresh modern, with colorful stripes that cover the ceiling and extend onto the walls. The delicate corners and curves used throughout create a very friendly and inviting décor that both children and adults love.{found on Plasma Diseño}.

Kavistanbul wine store, Istanbul.

Kavistanbul wine store IstanbulView in gallery

Kavistanbul wine store Istanbul 02View in gallery

Kavistanbul wine store Istanbul 03View in gallery

This is Wine! and you probably already guessed, it’s a wine store. Located in Istanbul, the store is also a bar, a great hangout place for friends who appreciate good wine. The space can also be used for special events and corporate parties. Here you can find a huge selection of wines, champagne and all sorts of accessories. The main element used for the interior décor is the wine bottle. Bottles cover the walls and you can see them everywhere you look.{found on retaildesignblog}.

Home accessories.

Hendy’s Home Store in Hastings by Christine Chang Hanway.

Hendys Home Store Alastair Hendy HastingsView in gallery

This is Alastair Hendy’s Home Store, located in Hastings. It features a mix of old and new and an interior that’s inviting and theatrical at the same time.

Hendys Home Store Alastair Hendy Hastings 03View in gallery

Hendys Home Store Alastair Hendy Hastings 04View in gallery

Here you can find vintage tableware, brooms, candles, sinks, garden tools and even furniture, basically anything you need in your home. On some occasions, the shop also becomes a restaurant and you can serve here delicious and fresh seafood.{found on remodelista}.

Perfume stores.

The Liquides Perfume Bar, Paris.

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The Liquides Perfume Bar Paris1View in gallery

The Liquides Perfume Bar Paris2View in gallery

The Liquides Perfume Bar is situated in Paris and it has a refined and luxurious interior. The black façade gives the store a prominent and elegant look. Inside you find a combination of black and gold accents. Here you can find a large selection of perfumes, from rare personalized perfumes to classic scents. The space was designed by Philippe Di Méo.{found on yatzer}.

Frivole Prestige perfumery in Wrocław – Poland.

Frivole Prestige WroclawView in gallery

The Frivole Prestige perfumery is a contemporary store located in Poland which was design by Theza Architects. The color scheme consists of white and black with golden accents.

Frivole Prestige Wroclaw1View in gallery

Frivole Prestige Wroclaw2View in gallery

Frivole Prestige Wroclaw3View in gallery

Frivole Prestige Wroclaw4View in gallery

The bold geometric shapes and polygonal structures give the store a futuristic look. The space is divided into two zones. One is white and the other one is black and they are compatible with the types of products and sales. The interior design concept is based on flexibility and simplicity.