15 Best Picks for Shabby Chic Bedding

Do you remember sleeping over at your grandparents, under a comforter covered in rosettes amid the eyes of glass dolls? That might be your latest experience with Shabby Chic and it’s certainly not a favorable one. But contrary to your childhood memories, you can indeed have a Shabby Chic bedroom that isn’t covered with glass dolls in frilly dresses. As long as your bedding screams feminine and delicate, you’ll be winning the Shabby Chic style every time. Take a look at these 15 picks for Shabby Chic bedding and revel in comfort all night long.

Bedding with roses for a shabby chic

During your search for Shabby Chic bedding, you will inevitably run across roses. But if you make sure those roses are few and far between, they can accentuate the style in your bedroom instead of overwhelming it. (via Target)

Shabby Chic Bedding With delicate style

Linen is always acceptable for this delicate style. So if you were needing an excuse to splurge on a linen duvet, this is it. Here’s a set that gives you all the colors you’ll ever need. (via Urban Outfitters)

Shabby chic rosette

We can’t speak of rosettes and not include them. This lovely bedding is a quilt so you won’t have to worry about pulling and tugging the fabric around on your duvet. Plus, there’s three colors to choose from. Win! (via Anthropologie)

Minimal Shabby chic style

When you’re decorating for a Shabby Chic style, French minimal is definitely allowed. Simple striped bedding like this will add to the feeling of relaxation and even be a backdrop for pretty Shabby Chic pillows. (via Shabby Chic)

Tufted dot quilt as child

I have memories of sleeping under a tufted dot quilt as a child. You can get the same nostalgic feeling with a duvet like this. It’s simplicity and vintage at it’s best. (via Urban Outfitters)

Ruffles Pink shade coffee shop

It’s pink, it’s covered in ruffles, it’s a duvet, what more convincing to do you need? A set like this is a great way to add some pink to your bedroom in just the right blush shade. (via Urban Outfitters)

Ikea floral shabby chic duvet

Who would have thought that IKEA would have Shabby Chic bedding! But they do. A delicate floral patterned duvet that will accentuate all the other pastel colors in your bedroom. (via IKEA)

Shabby chic floral with soft colors

And while we’re on the subject of floral, doesn’t this pretty yellow quilt make you go all soft inside? If you aren’t a fan of pink, this is definitely the direction you want to go. (via Overstock)

Boho shabby chic

Here’s a pretty comforter that’s just what the Shabby Chic yet Boho in you ordered. It has all the colors of a Shabby Chic bedroom, plus the dark tones and sketched flowers to make it just a pinch bohemian. (via Urban Outfitters)

Ruffle shabby chic bedding

If there’s a ruffle, your Shabby Chic bedroom needs it. The simplicity of this duvet is sure to beckon you to rest and relax in it’s softness. Trust me, this will be your new favorite reading spot. (via Anthropologie)

Shabby chic urges

Raise your hand if you find yourself fighting against your Shabby Chic urges. I’ve got both mine up. But this quilt provides a pretty floral outlet that will let you add just a touch to your bedroom. (via Overstock)

Pink floral duvet

When I discovered this pink floral duvet, I decided I must have this in my bedroom. It shows off pink and flowers and femininity in all their Shabby Chic glory. (via Urban Outfitters)

Pink floral quilt for a shabby chic decor

Another pink floral quilt? Yes, one more. Because this quilt has not one, but two floral patterns for you to choose from! So if you get tired of one set of pink flowers, flip it for a whole new look. (via Anthropologie)

Shabby chic crocheted

When you’ve made your bed with white sheets and a floral comforter and ruffly pillow shams, don’t forget this last touch. Throw a crocheted pillow on top and your perfect Shabby Chic bedroom will be ready to go. (via Urban Outfitters)