San Remo contemporary leather sofa

Sofas are very comfortable and modern pieces of furniture that we usually place in the living room where we use them to sit on with family and friends. But sofas are not meant to be used only in houses or apartments. They are frequently used in larger places like hotel lobbies, bars or waiting rooms for example. In these cases the sofas need to be larger, too, as they have to support more people than in a normal living room. I guess that was the main reason why the designer of San Remo contemporary leather sofa decided to make it divided in five separate pieces.

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Four of the pieces can be placed side to side to make a bigger sofa and one of them is a round nice ottoman. This allows you to arrange them differently, depending on the space you have available and also on your imagination. This special sofa can be ordered online and you have the option to choose between microfiber and leather and also to choose one of the many colors available.

San Remo white 1View in gallery

San Remo white 1

I simply love the modern design of this sofa and also the fact that you can use your imagination to arrange it differently. The sofa comes with some matching cushions and my favorite models are the ones where the color of the cushions is in contrast with the sofa color and this has a spectacular effect.

Depending on your choice of material you can buy this sofa for a price between $2,395 and $3,000.