Ringwold Wallpaper

Wallpapers may seem out of fashion and belonging more to Renaissance than to the present day, but many people still use it in their homes because it is very simple to apply and very effective. Not to mention the fact that it already comes with a certain pattern on, so you don’t have to be a great painter or interior designer to give your home a special look. All you have to do is buy the proper wallpaper. Take a look at this Ringwold Wallpaper from Farrow&Ball! It is absolutely spectacular. It can turn any dull room into a fresh and nice looking one.


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This wallpaper is sort of special , having a nice pattern with vines and small leaves in colourful combinations. The vivid red is even more underlined by the black behind it. Actually the pattern is not at all original, but it is based on an early 18th century silk pattern. Nevertheless it looks just great. I like this combination most, but you have the opportunity to now choose from a variety of colour combinations, some of them more striking or more relaxing. The pattern repeats every 60cm and a roll of 53cm/21″ can be bought for €130.00.