The Pillow Hack to Rescue Sinking Couch Cushions

Finding a couch that’s as comfortable as it is aesthetically pleasing is a must. But the main problem with cozy sofas and plush cushions is that over time, the cushions start to sink. 

Sinking or uneven couch cushions can throw off the look of your room and make your once-beloved piece of furniture feel less comfortable. Fortunately, this easy pillow hack we found on Instagram can make your couch look and feel like new again.

Make Sinking Couch Cushions Look Better

The Pillow Hack to Rescue Sinking Couch Cushions

If you sit between the couch cushions on a regular basis and they’re starting to sink, place a flattened pillow underneath them, advises JordanBrittLovato on Instagram. The pillow pushes the sagging areas back up, making them level with the couch.

If you don’t have an old flat pillow, consider purchasing one meant for toddlers. These toddler pillows are small and contain much less filling than those for adults. You can also use a medium pillow to correct severe sagging.

Other ways to keep your couch cushions from sinking include:

  • Flip the cushions. Flip reversible cushions at least once per month to prevent damage to either side. If cushions aren’t reversible, rotate them so you’re not repeatedly sitting on the same section.
  • Fluff the cushions. Use your hands to flush cushions once per week. Doing so will help redistribute the filling.
  • Add extra filling. When fluffing, flipping, and using a pillow don’t work, purchase extra stuffing to fill out your cushions. Use the same type of filling that’s already in the pillows.