Red-framed wall art for a bold interior décor

A house often feels empty without artwork. It’s like something is missing. Most often, that something is color. We use artwork as a means of introducing color into a space and a way of creating focal points and breaking the monotony. But it’s usually the artwork that features the color, not the frame. However, a red frame can be just as effective in being an accent element as any other type of artwork. Here are a few examples of red-framed wall art to illustrate this idea.

Red art work
Decorate your bedroom with red accents

In the bedroom, the atmosphere needs to be simple, serene and calm. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use bold colors at all, especially a kid’s bedroom. In a white interior décor a few red-framed pictures or funny drawings would instantly change the atmosphere. Place them against a crisp white wall and use a few more colorful accent pieces to complete the décor.

Red art work
Airplane themed boys room

Here’s another kids’ bedroom and this one also has an interior décor based on the same principles. It’s an overall simple décor but it stands out with the help of a few accent pieces. One element that does that is the red-framed wall art. The frame is thicker in this case and it’s beautifully complemented by a matching framed photo sitting on the nightstand and several other elements with red touches.

Red art work
Amazing red framed mirrors

But the children’s bedroom is not the only place where you can use red as an accent color for the wall art. Red is a beautiful and strong color. It reflects passion and beauty and it can successfully be used in all the rooms, including the living area. There, you can include more framed mirrors with stylish details and featuring different shapes and sizes.

Red art work
This gallery wall displays a mix of several different frames

Red-framed wall art can also be used in combination with the classical black frames. For example, here’s a beautiful dining area with a wall covered in artwork. The almost random arrangement makes the atmosphere feel casual but the colors used are strong and elegant. The additional red accent pieces complete this stylish décor.

Red art work
Red and white decor

An office could also benefit from a change in color. For example, this is a guest room/home office with an overall white décor. To make the room feel less austere and cold, a warm, bold color was used: red. It was used mostly as an accent color for the artwork and all the small details. The monogram placed on the wall also has a matching red frame that allows it to stand out more and that creates a nice border.

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