Practical solution using Ikea boards

We are all interested in the way our homes look like and we try to do our best to look as good as possible, both pleasant and practical. One of the most important aspects is the one regarding the wires in the house, of hiding them more specifically. We need them everywhere, but at the same time, we do not want to see them in our way in the house.The standing desk in the image is out of an Ikea Lagan Countertop cut to the right size and the purpose of its existence was to improve the work place in a living room.

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A solution when you need room for your external hard drives, you do not want to take space on the desk and there is not much other space to use is to use the space existing beneath the standing desk and more exactly, to hang the wires on the back of another Ikea board under the desk.

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If you follow the example in the picture, things can turn out the way you want, to hide the wires and at the same time to keep them accessible. Now when we all want to improve our lives and try to simplify everything around us, using the standing desk with invisible data storage seems one of the best solutions we can adopt.{found on ikeahakers}.