Plant or no Plant?

Have a look at this sensational, yet strangely elegant alternative to plants.It has all the attractive treats of a plant, yet none of its headaches. No more worrying about dead plants, or forgetting t o water them, and if you get tired of it, simply let it dry up.This attractive wall or table decoration, will grow a plant when filled with water, yet when it dries up, the plant simply disappears, only to appear again, when water is being added!

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Of course there is no real plant, but only this strange art piece, that looks exceptionally stylish!

This original piece of art was created by Designer Wu Shu-Cheng, and was originally intended for people suffering from plant allergies. Needless to say that this phenomena has catched on, and has gone far beyond that scope, and is now suitable for any home.{foudn on yankodesign}