Painting Myths: What Works and What Doesn’t

Although hiring a professional to paint your house lets you get rid of any stress and worries, you should also consider taking care of the job yourself. After all, painting a wall is not rocket science. You just need some basic knowledge. But before you get started, let us answer a few of the questions you probably have in mind.

Is primer really necessary?

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Some say the primer is a must. Others think it’s a waste a time. The truth is that if you want your walls to look perfect and professional, you have to apply primer. It’s a necessary step especially if you want to apply paint in a rich color. What primer does is allow the paint to stick to the wall better and to leave an even and smooth finish.

Should I use tape?

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Painter’s tape is used to prep the walls before painting them. It prevents the paint from dripping and this is particularly useful if you want to paint stripes or if the walls have different colors. But applying the tape and making sure it’s all smooth around the corner take a lot of time and effort so, if possible, skip this part but only if you’re confident with your painting skills.

Should I apply two coats or is one enough?

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The fact that you always need to apply two coats of paint is one of the oldest myths. That’s actually not the case anymore. Depending on the brand of paint you use and the color you’ve chosen, you’ll either need one or two coats of paint for a perfect result. It’s possible to need more than two so make sure you asses the situation properly.

Is it ok to paint the ceiling too?

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A lot of people have the impression that the ceiling should never see paint. There’s actually nothing wrong with painting the ceiling and there are lots of great designs to explore. You can create an interesting pattern and draw the eye up.