Oval Rattan Trays

I can’t wait for the weekend to come and to stay at home, resting and being spoiled, having a good time and sleeping until late. Well, whether you are the one getting breakfast in bed or you prepare it for someone, if you like having dinner or lunch out on the porch, terrace or garden or if you simple have to move some plates with food and water bottles, then you certainly need a tray to do this. And rattan trays are the best one you can get because they are flexible and nice, do not get broken or rusty and look very well. 

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They are very useful around the house because you can use them for various activities like transporting books and even flower pots, anything small in size, but big in number that can’t be held in your arms, but must be moved from one to place to another. The trays are obviously made of rattan, which is a natural material. They are offered in sets of three trays, each of them having a different colour: white, brown and black. The whole set can be bought for $278 from Taramundi Furniture online store.