Modern Pret a Porter Sofa by Sergio Bicego

Pret a porter, originally prêt-à-porter, is a French term used mainly in the fashion industry. It has been used to designate the cloths produced in factories that comes in standardized sizes. The English equivalent would be ready-to-wear and it’s a complex term used with the same meaning and in the same domain. However, the meaning has expanded and the term has started to invade other domains, not necessarily related to the fashion industry. A simple example would be the sofa designed by Sergio Bicego that has been called Pret a porter.

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There is a connection with the original meaning of the term since the sofa has standard dimensions and, more important than that, only comes in one color or, in this case, color combination. In terms of dimensions I do not have any specific information and all I can tell you is that it’s a two-seater and it has a medium size that makes it a great choice for all types of homes, regardless of the dimensions. The sofa is very cozy and soft and you’ll be pleased with the comfort level.

In term of design and color, it’s obvious from the beginning that the designer has tried to keep it as simple and he could creating a minimalist design. The lines and clear and simple and the overall design is quite neutral. This is yet another aspect that adds versatility to this piece. The sofa features a simple black and white combination arranged in contrastive stripes. The pattern reminds me of the harlequin. Overall, it’s a modern sofa, elegant and graceful. The design is simple and pleasing.{found on archiproducts}