Modern Fireplaces With An Artistic Edge Over Tradition

Fireplaces evolve with the styles and adapt to our lifestyles so, naturally, a modern or a contemporary interior design needs a fireplace that matches its defining characteristics. A modern fireplace is often defined by an artistic design approach and it stands out through its simplicity but also the great attention to the detail and the overall aesthetic.





The fireplace collection released by Italian company Montegrappa includes various different designs, some of which impress with their graphical forms while others have an artistic edge over the common traditional fireplaces. Each model is unique and stylish in its own way and their designs have been carefully detailed to suit a variety of contemporary and modern settings. The Linea, Dinamico, Labirinto and Dedalo fireplaces have a lot of character and each one of them could become a focal point.

Fire line automatic design
The Fla XT model manufactured by Planika is a low-maintenance fireplace. It has an external fuel tank and a control panel and was designed to look simple and to be easy to use and care for. This makes it ideal for modern homeowners that value time and effort an. The fireplace as adapted to not require gas installation and exhaust systems, this making it more versatile than other similar models. In addition, it also has a smart design and this means it can be controlled via smartphone or using a remote control.

Wall mounted prime fire design

The same company also designed the Primefire in Casing fireplace, a model that prides itself with a very simple installation system. Like the Fla XT, it doesn’t require a chimney or additional ventilation to function properly. It uses BEV Technology (burning ethanol vapors) and this makes it a highly safe and friendly model which doesn’t emit smoke, smell or ash. It can be operated using a single button and the flame level can be easily adjusted.

Wall mounted steel fireplace
Another wall-mounted fireplace with a stylish and modern design is the Tecna, offered by JC Bordelet Industries. The company highlights each of its models with elegant features, in this case the cast iron plates and other details. This particular fireplace is available in a variety of finishing colors including anthracite gray, chocolate brown, metallic chocolate, rosy brown, black and metallic black. Some models have a double hood and all offer an adjustable height option.

Panoramic central fireplace
Ideal for spaces with high ceilings, fireplaces such as the Malmo manufactured by Piazzetta have the potential to become exquisite focal points for spaces such as modern and contemporary living rooms. Its design is meant to be positioned centrally in the room and can even replace the usual coffee table. The flames can be admired from all sides thanks to the transparent glass surround.

Helsinki panorama central fireplace
A somewhat similar type is the Helsinki fireplace by the same manufacturing company. It’s a central fireplace just like the Malmo but with a few distinguishable characteristics. Because it occupies a bit more space than other models, this is a fireplace suitable for large living room and seating areas. The design is versatile enough to suit a variety of decors, including some with an industrial character.

divider fireplace design
A variety of modern fireplaces can double as space dividers. One such example is the Penisola 120 model manufactured by British Fires. Use it as a divider between the living space and dining area or make it a part of the bedroom. It can be admired and enjoyed from three sides thanks to its panoramic and simplistic design.