Mix your love of rock with Marshall Amp fridge

There are two things that a rock lover likes: his music and his favorite beer. You might think that these two elements would usually meet in a bar, not in a kitchen. However, with the Marshall Amp Fridge every day will be party. With only $300 you can include this compact and rough but beautiful appliance into your kitchen.

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As you can see, the fridge features Jim Marshall’s logo and signature. In fact, it’s quite hard to realize that it’s just a fridge. Not only that the colors and the style are not the typical ones for this type of kitchen furniture, but it has a certain appeal that makes it unique. This is a fridge that can be successfully integrated in any type of décor. It has a simple but eye-catching and imposing look. Moreover, the fridge hides surprises inside as well.

The Marshall Amp Fridge features 4.4 cubic feet of space inside. It also features can-specific storage spaces. It’s an appliance designed for entertainment. The Marshall Amp Fridge is ready to keep all your beer nice and safe inside for you and your friends. Also, this piece has a high-efficiency freezer as well. It’s a man’s dream. You might wonder, what else could one wish for? How about a speaker that plays “Cold as Ice” every time you open the door. Well, this feature is not included but not such a bad idea if you want to opt for it.