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The Beauty Of The Mirrored Fireplace – 10 Beautiful Design Ideas

The most beautiful thing about interior design is how you can take traditional décor – like a mirror and make it into something unconventional by hanging it somewhere, such as over the fireplace. The fireplace is usually one of the coziest corners where homeowners spend a lot of time. Hanging a mirror over it dates back to ancient Feng Shui practice where it is believed that the water element of the mirror hung over the fire balances it.

Mirrored Fireplace

A mirror hung over a fireplace enhances positive features, causing good energy to enter into the room. Discover all you need to know about fireplace mirrors and unique ideas for mirrored fireplaces.

Benefits of using a mirror in décor

Mirrors are an inexpensive accessory that can perfectly accentuate many different areas in the home. Most interior decorators believe that a simple mirror has the power to complete the look of a room.

Mirrors reflect open spaces and light, elevating the appearance of a room. They are available in various personalities and styles to suit different preferences.

A mirror is an essential accessory in a room; let’s find out why.

Gives a spacious illusion

A mirror that is appropriately placed helps to give the room a more comprehensive look. Mirrors can help channel attention away from something or elevate the appearance of something else. Rooms that have awkward spaces such as gaps or sloping ceilings can be corrected using the right mirrors. For rooms without windows, mirrors serve as a fantastic substitute, boosting the atmosphere of your space.

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Improved lighting

Placing a mirror next to a window will significantly increase how much natural light is cast into the room. The daylight will bounce off the mirrors, essentially providing you with a brighter space.

If your room is dull and lacking light, place your mirror beside your lamp- this will create a double light source for you. The more natural light filters into your room, the more money you save on electricity.

Creates a point of focus

Where you have no mantlepieces or fireplaces, mirrors can act as a tool for deciding the room’s center.

An ornately framed mirror can be just as useful as a painting when it comes to interior Decoration. You can also experiment with different shapes and styles of mirrors to get that perfect wow factor.

Mirrors are used to create depth

With a mirror on the wall, the inside of a room’s depth is instantly created and highlighted.

The bigger the mirror used, the larger your room will feel. The reflection of the mirror creates a feeling of space in your room. This means that a large mirror installation can be beneficial for people with small rooms or even homes.

Covers imperfections in a room

If you have a wall with paint scratches, an unsightly hole, or other small repairs, hanging a beautiful mirror on the spot can immediately hide the imperfection. For larger wall areas, you can use an oversize mirror, which is both stylish and offers coverage.

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Functional use

The most important benefit of a minor is its practical use. A mirror is used during grooming rituals and to check yourself just before stepping out of the house.

Gives a professional look

If you pay close attention, you will notice that salons, corporate buildings, and even fitness centers have many large mirrors inside. All these places have mirrors installed for a particular reason – recreate a professional, sharp look. Professionally framed and mounted mirrors can make even the most casual of rooms appear classier.

The downside to having a mirrored fireplace

Even though the beauty that mirrors bring cannot be denied, having one over the fireplace is a tricky situation.

There are a few downsides to having a mirrored fireplace, some of which include:

  • A mirror positioned right above the fireplace can cause a person to stand close to the fire, risking the possibility of their clothes being set on fire.
  • Placing your mirror over the fireplace means it could be releasing various things such as a light fixture, a bare wall, or a doorway. It isn’t easy to find a mirror that reflects something artistic or valuable. This defeats the purpose of a fireplace being the focal point of the room. Whatever the reason for Decoration, you always have to enhance the positive features of your home.
  • You can use large mirrors to create a spacious effect by extending the view. Placing a large mirror above the fireplace can make that area of the wall disappear by copying and reflecting the features in front of it. However, it is essential to note that one large mirror placed above the fireplace in a small house will only make the room appear cramped. Although this might seem like the best bet for an unbroken image, it is better to go with three to four simple mirror of regular sizes can help to create almost the same effect.
  • If a natural disaster such as an earthquake, the chances of a poorly placed mirror crashing down are relatively high. This could result in severe injuries. Also, homes with small children should not have leaning mirrors that can easily be moved over the fireplace. Ensure that mirrors are correctly hung, well above the reach of small children.
  • Mirrors placed too close to the fireplace can crack from the heat, running the mirror, and most times, the beautiful finish. In some cases, mirrors can even explode, causing injury to those who are close by. You need to ensure that you create enough space between your fireplace and the mirror.

Tips for cleaning a mirrored fireplace

If you are familiar with cleaning a regular mirror hung over the usual spots, such as over the bathroom sink, cleaning the one over your fireplace should be easy.

The mirror placed over the fires is a focal point – meaning that people get to look at it a lot. As a result, your mirror should be kept clean at all times.

You do not want guests stealing a peep at your mirror and noticing smudges, dust, or even soot. Cleaning a mirrored fireplace doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are a few tips that can help:

Make sure the fire is out – the first thing to do before cleaning the mirror over your fireplace is ensuring that the fire is out. You do not want to risk getting burnt or having a terrible fire accident. It is advisable to turn off the fire about 20 – 40 minutes before cleaning the mirror.

Set the leaning mirrors down – if you have a mirror leaning over your fireplace, you should take it down to clean. Avoid cleaning the mirror while it remains leaning over your fireplace to prevent accidents.

Cleaning soot and smoke – it is only standard that a mirror placed over a fireplace becomes smoky or very lightly covered in soot. Use a gentle mirror cleaner paired with a crumpled up piece of newspaper to give the mirror back it’s shine.

Avoiding streaks – while newspapers are known to bring back the shine of your mirrors, sometimes it just doesn’t work. Use a microfiber towel and clean in a circular motion to avoid leaving streaks across your mirrors.

Best Mirrored Fireplace Ideas

1. Milo Mirrored Electric Fireplace

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

Check out this fantastic mirrored fireplace that is sure to wow everyone. The easy access to this fireplace will give your modern living spaces a more sophisticated look. With overall dimensions of 38.78” H x 47.44” W x 13.19” D, this product features a beveled mirrored finish with faux crystal inlay and clear glass, a remote-controlled fireplace, and a touch panel. It also has a heating coverage area of 150 square feet and a maximum BTU output of 4777 BTU.

2. Norval Wood and Glass Electric Fireplace

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

This realistic wood and glass electric fireplace is sure to amaze everyone. It’s no smoke, or real flame effect makes it a neater, healthier option. It is easy to install and will bring romantic coziness to the interior of your living space. This fireplace is a classy, functional, and decorative item for living rooms. Its overall dimensions are 39.76” H x 47.64” W x 15.16” D, and it has a heating coverage of 150 square feet and a maximum BTU output of 4777 BTU. The Norval wood and glass electric fireplace also comes with a remote controller or touch for easy adjustment of the temperature and to set the automatic timer.

3. Bulverde Mirrored Top Electric Fireplace

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

Take a look at this gorgeous fireplace that makes a perfect addition to any sitting or living room. It boasts of completely mirrored sides and fronts delicately placed between a fully mirrored top and base.

The fireplace also has a considerable front mirror face along with faux diamonds inserted and beveled mirrored columns mixed sides that come together in a unique geometrical design. It has its overall dimensions as 40” H x 47” W x 15” D, and it’s heating coverage area is 400 square feet with a maximum BTU output of 4777 BTU. Give your room an upgrade with this beautiful piece featuring remote temperature control and touch control technology.

4. Callisburg Mirrored Top Electric Fireplace

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

The Callisburg mirrored top electric fireplace makes a gorgeous addition to any living room. It has an electric fireplace that boasts of fully mirrored fronts and sides. This product is also mirrored from top to bottom.

With overall dimensions of 39” H x 47” W x 13” D, it comes with a large front mirror face paired with faux stones inserts and beveled mirrored complemented sides with columns in a unique geometrical design.

Its touch control technology and temperature remote control make this beautiful piece easy and convenient to use. The product has a heating coverage area of 400 square feet and a maximum BTU output of 4777 BTU.

5. Terni Mirrored Glass Fireplace Mantle

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

With overall dimensions of 2′ 9 21/32” H x 4′ 2 3/8” W x 4′ D, this beveled mirrored glass fireplace sports a silver finish. Made with high-grade mirror elements, the product features glamourous glass and mirrored shapes and accents, creating a visually stunning presence that is both bold and contemporary.

6. Whitmore TV Stand for TVs up to 60″ with Fireplace Included

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

If you love glam style combined with coastal elements for your living room, this TV stand is the perfect choice for you. Its side cabinets with decorative millions and mirrored doors showcase your style while storing all your entertainment must-haves in the adjustable shelves. Get the matching bar cabinet to transform your space into a complete knockout while entertaining family and friends.

This product has overall dimensions of 55” W x 34” H x 15.5” D and is made from a high quality manufactured wood.

You get to choose between a realistic log set and a member bed or contemporary fire crystals. The product also has one adjustable shelf located within each side cabinet and one fixed shelf at the center.

There are pass-through cutouts at the back panel for cable management and easy component storage.

7. Rosemont TV Stand for TVs up to 65″ with Electric Fireplace Included

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

This sleek and vibrant modern media cabinet is sure to make a striking statement in any room. It can showcase up to a 65″ flat-screen TV at the perfect height.

It has a hand-rubbed silver finish, black steel legs, and a frame with unique acrylic knobs. Designed to be functional and chic, this product has 2 soft-closing side doors, a center opening, and shelving.

The cabinet provides plenty of storage for your books, equipment, and games. It ships fully assembled and ready to use, so you don’t have to worry about putting it together.

Its overall dimensions are Overall 72” W x 26” H x 18” D, which includes the easy to install electric wood log fireplace insert that goes into the cabinet. Let the adjustable lighting and temperature settings put you in the right mood as you enjoy the warm glow from the fire.

This item is crafted with clear mirror panels, MDF and acrylic knobs finished with metal accents. It also features three shelves providing extra storage, with a removable middle shelf.

8. Aaron TV Stand for TVs up to 65″ with Fireplace Included

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

Are you looking for a product to compliment your entertainment space? This is the one for you. Host your friends to premier nights or game till the stars come out and sparkle just like the silver crystals embellishing the X-shaped details on the cabinet door panels.

Its overall dimensions are 59” W x 23.5” H x 16” D, and it features a convenient pre-cut 2-inch hole for cable management, along with shelves that provide extra storage organization.

Adjust the flickering flame effect, timer, and thermostat with the touch of a button on the remote control.

9. McMillian Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 70″ with Fireplace Included

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

This transitional media fireplace cabinet combo is the right amount of vibrant and sleek, making a striking statement in any room. Its cabinet features a McMillian television stand, paired with a perfect height electric fireplace.

With overall dimensions of 60” W x 25” H x 18” D, this product features a high-quality mirror panel with a perfect circle overlay, accentuated with square crystal knobs.

The electric fireplace insert is easy to install, and it features two side doors, making it a chic and functional product. Its back panel is removable, and there are pre-cut holes for cable management.

10. Abe TV Stand for TVs up to 65″ with Fireplace Included

Abe TV Stand for TVs up with Fireplace Included

If you are an entertainment lover, this product makes the perfect complement to all your entertainment spaces. Host premier nights, binge movies on the weekend with this crystal-embellished, luxury TV stand.

No matter the occasion, whether a casual get together or a formal dinner, the fire crackling in the insert will set the right mood.

Made from manufactured wood, this product measures 59” W x 23.5” H x 16” D as its overall dimensions; this fireplace combines functionality with beauty.

It features a space heating capacity of 400 square feet and a convenient pre-cut 2-inch hole for cable management. Its cabinets make the perfect home for your board games, TV, and movies.


When it comes to adding elegance and beauty to your home, several options abound. The fireplace is easily the most exceptional place in your home, so there is no need to try and compromise. Get a fireplace mirror today and watch it bring magical beauty to the fireplace like never before.