Minnie Mouse Chair For Kids Room

Every kid knows Mickey Mouse and his friend Minnie. It’s funny how you love it when you’re a kid and when you grow up you really start to hate it. This means it’s a cartoon series created for small children only and adults should stop trying to be kids again. Anyway, if you have a small kid, especially a girl, you might want to take a look at this lovely chair.

Disney chair

The chair is shaped in a way that reminds of Minnie Mouse. It even has a bow to make the image complete. I’m sure every little girl would love to have it in her room. It’s a very soft child-size chair with soft lines and child-proof design. It has a sturdy frame for durability. The overall dimensions of the chair are 24.75L x 19.75W x 28.0H. If you and your daughter like this chair, it means you’ll also like the other similar piece.

For example there’s also a Minnie Mouse sofa, a Minnie recliner, a Minnie Toddler sofa and even a Minnie toy box. In case you were thinking that only girls can benefit from such a lovely piece of furniture, there’s also a Mickey Mouse chair, very similar to this one.This way, if you have a little boy and little girls, they will both be happy with their own chair and you’ll a complete collection.Available for 89.54$.