Materials Used for Garden Paving

Gardening is a passion for many of us and it’s also a form of art. It’s more than just picking flowers and plants that we like and arranging them beautifully. When taking care of a home’s landscape, paving is also an important element that can really make the whole design pop. So if you’re planning to give your garden a fresh look, start by choosing the paving material.

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Two main categories.

Garden paving materials can basically be categorized in two: composite and stone. The manufactured composites give you great flexibility thanks to a wide range of colors and shapes. As for the second category, your options include bricks, granite, sandstone and a variety of other types.

Practical options.

A well-executed garden paving project brings out the charm of the entire property and landscape. The first step for such a project would be to choose the material. There are several wonderful options. For example, a modern property could feature concrete paving which is both easy to install and very practical.

A zen look.

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If you want your garden to have a zen look, you can use gravel and hand rake it to make it look like ripples on the surface of water. Play with shapes and forms and use a few rocks to make your garden stand out.

Rustic bricks.

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Rustic bricks pathwayView in gallery

Brick paving will give your garden a particularly inviting look. It would also add some rustic charm to the mix. Use the bricks in combination with terra cotta planters to enhance the beauty of the material.

Big stones for a clean look.

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Use big paving stones if you want the garden to have a clean look. This is a wonderful idea for minimalist, contemporary homes and offers you the opportunity to create a series of geometric designs.

Natural stone.

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If you opt for stone paving, then you get to offer your garden a very unique and organic look. Mix and match the different shapes and sizes to come up with a one-of-a-kind design.

Find a combo that works for you.

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There’s also the option of combining two or more materials. For example, concrete and gravel work well together. You can also include grass in your designs or use stone in combination with gravel. Explore the options and find the best combo for your garden.