Makeover Tips For A Summer Inspired Guest Bedroom

Before we get too close to the long summer holidays it is time to think about decorating your guest bedroom to give it a new look. If you have a child coming to stay whilst the schools are shut, the last thing you want to do is to redecorate when the room is occupied. However, you don’t have to make a wholesale change to a bedroom to make it afresh for summer. A few makeover ideas are often enough to do the job, so long as you choose the right ones.

Cool Down.

Makeover tips

Use a cool azure paint to refresh your guest bedroom’s walls and set the look off with pure white drapes.

Hanging bed with rope

Set out a guest bed suspended from your porch for the perfect place to sleep on a hot and balmy night.

Wicker headboard1

Add a rattan chair, foot stall and headboard to your guest bedroom for a cooling option that allows airflow and affords a tropical feel.

Built in bed

Wispy and flimsy drapes, that flutter in the slightest of breezes, give a cooling feel as they do not prevent circulation, like heavy ones.

Picture frame above bed

Install a silent running ceiling fan to help your guest get a good night’s sleep.

Wood bedroom

Slatted shutters, that can be slid over your room’s windows, allow for airflow but keep rooms cool by blocking the sun.

Create Some Magic.

Colorful bedroom

Generate a fun and summery feel by using two strong colors against white to makeover your guest room’s color scheme.

Beaturiful french bedroom

If you have a girl coming to stay, give her a fairy tale bed for the summer which will make her feel like a princess.

Big guest bedroom

Utilise a combination of hot colors in your guest room and hand paint the bedroom furniture for an eclectic summertime look.

Off White Linen.

Void dark colors

Avoid dark colors for your linen during the summer as whites are much more appealing if you have been hot all day.

Bedroom view

White linen, mixed with pastel of powder blue, creates a cooling look which remains sophisticated.

Trendy Wall Treatments.

Green accents1

Makeover your guest room for summer simply by giving a new look to one wall only – try a bright wallpaper to match some new linen.

Electic blue bedroom

Coordinate a newly accented bedroom wall with your choice of furniture upholstery and drapes, for an on trend look.

Modern headboard

Makeover the wall behind your bed’s headboard for the maximum impact in your room.

The Summerhouse Look.

Metalic bedr

Whitewashed wooden walls create the perfect summerhouse look, ideal in a bedroom, when used with Roman blinds and drapes.

Tongue accents

A tongue and groove wall treatment is perfect for a summer beach house design.

Reclaimed wood headboard

Reclaimed timber can be used to create a great headboard, perfect for the summerhouse bedroom look.

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