Linea Rolling staircase from Edilco, Italy

If you have a big house or apartment then you certainly need an interior staircase. This is functional and helps you get from one floor to another without getting out of the house. I mean that happens most of the times. That is because sometimes these interior staircases only look functional, because they actually are decorations, works of art that are meant to make the interior of your home more pleasant and bring a personal touch to it.

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Let’s take for example this amazing Linea Rolling staircase that is manufactured by Edilco company in Italy. It very much looks like it is functional, but it leads nowhere. The most impressive thing about it is the fact that it imitates perfectly river stones that are rounded on the edges by the water. Well, these stairs are actually made of concrete that is rounded and molded until they look like their natural counterparts.

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These artificial “rocks” are surrounded by a very shiny metal railing, but they are not connected to it. There is also a different version of this work of art that is made of steel. So the “rocks” are actually irregular shapes of steel that imitate the rock shape and are used for decorating modern homes. The name of the designer is Roberto Semprini and you can find more details about him and his work on the web.