Lil Mo Whimsy Ladybird Rug for Kids

Children’ s world is a unique and incredible place where they live together with little insects and animals in the forest of the furniture legs. They all crawl on the floor and discover the world around them, the small universe that we call home. That is why they need thick rugs and carpets to protect them from the coldness of the floor and to prevent them from scratching their knees and elbows. But you should also consider the rug design because kids love funny patterns and vivid colours, animals and critters and plants on the rugs. I think this nice Lil Mo Whimsy Ladybird Rug for Kids meets all the requests.

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First of all it is thick and great for little feet. Than it has a great and attractive design with long curly leaves and tree branches and also little ladybirds spread all over the rug. Their red and black shapes come in a pleasant contrast with the faded green background suggesting a forest or garden. The rug is hand-tufted and made of soft mod-acrylic, protective for the children. It is hand-carved  in the relief patterns areas and this  adds texture. You can purchase this product from ABC Carpet & Home for a price between $59 and %699, depending on the size you choose.