LED Wallpaper

Everybody knows what wallpaper is  and many people use wallpaper for decorating their homes. And the best thing you can expect from wallpaper is to be covered with a pretty cool and interesting pattern. You wouldn’t expect wallpaper to be the star of a technology and electronic exhibition. Well, I am talking about the very special LED wallpaper that was designed by the German Ingo Maurer and produced by teh German company Architects paper. This wallpaper is very special because it has a circuit board included on the back and this allows the LEDs direct contact with a power supply.

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This way you can turn the LEDs on and off and they will light beautifully on the wall. The pattern on this wallpaper is a cube that is repeated in different positions and is lit using LEDs of different colours. This wallpaper comes in rolls of wallpaper of 320 cm x 60 cm, with five pattern repeats, that are populated with LEDs.

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Each pattern includes 48 white, 60 blue and 60 red LEDs, a total of 840 LEDs with about 60 watts. The baseboard is made of alluminum and ballast and that combination makes it safe to use, as the wallpaper will not catch fire. The product was displayed in Ingo Maurer’s Munich showroom and until January 22, 2012 and won “Best of Best” Interior Innovation Award in January 2012.