Layered sofa with an unusual shape

For a sofa, the shape is usually either classical or a reinterpretation of the classical model. It’s the details that differ and make it stand out. It rare cases, designers choose to propose something new in terms of shape and design. This sofa is one such case.This unusual sofa was presented at Salone Satellite 2012 where it impressed with its original vision and interpretation of shapes and forms.There are several elements that make this sofa unique.

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The first one is, of course, the actual shape. It has rounded edges that on the sides form a sort of cone. Another interesting detail about the sofa is that the upholstery consists of only three single foam mats. They have different colors and form layers that are connected to the frame by a cord.

The frame of this unusual sofa is made of wood. It has a natural texture and finish and it’s actually a bench. The textile layers are simply attached to the bench with a cord and they can be easily removed. It’s an unusual design but it’s also a bold piece of furniture that could easily become a focal point of attention in a modern home. Also, given the shape of the layers, two cozy corners are formed on the sides. They are a detail that makes this sofa not only visually challenging and bold but also cozy and comfortable.