Kids Room Decor Ideas With Grown Up Flair

When we decorate a space with the purpose of making it fun and suitable for the kids we often feel trapped between the desire to make it look chic and stylish and the wish to give it a cute and cheerful look. Ideally we could do both. That takes class and finesse as finding the right balance is quite challenging. Even so, there’s a wide range of possibilities and designs to explore and consider. Decorating with kids in mind is a process that takes us back in time and bring us the child is every one of us. So make it fun and while you reconnect with your inner child, put out some of your grown up knowledge and style to create a new balance and a unique harmony.

PolarMoss Balls To decorate the Kids Room

The thought of hanging a giant ball of colored moss in your kid’s room probably never crossed your mind. It is, however, a very interesting thought which you can make a reality thanks to something called a Polarmoss Sphere. These decorations come in various shapes and colors, they don’t require maintenance and they’re fire-retardant. They’re meant to add interest to the space and to introduce a unique texture into the decor.

Hanna Emelie Ernsting furniture for kids

Designer Hanna Ernsting came up with a quirky and cute idea for a furniture collection called Petstools. The series is intended for kids and it’s being produced by Petite Friture.

Chairs from Hanna Emelie Ernsting

The three stools are multifunctional and designed to look like cute animals: a pig, an elephant and a frog. They’re very comfortable and very fun.

Fatboy Lamzac

You’ve probably seen this lounger around the internet, given how interesting its design is. This is an inflatable sofa or lounge chair called Lamzac. It only takes a couple of seconds to fill it with air which makes it perfect for camping trips or voyages. At the same time, it’s also a lovely piece of temporary furniture worth adding to the kids’ playroom.

Bloom Gray Chair

Poufs are loved by kids and adults of all ages and that’s because they’re soft and comfy as well as cute, fun and versatile. Moreover, they come in a lot of interesting designs like this one which looks like a puffy flower. It’s an accessory that could sure improve the kids’ room decor.

Bloom orange Chair

Bloom is another flower-shaped piece of furniture. It’s a chair with a flat circular base and a seat with hundreds of fine running stitches that meet at the center. The result is a delicate and colorful seat that looks a flower in bloom. It looks stylish in the living room and cute in the kids’ room.

Southern Guild Fiona Blackfish

Kids find hanging chairs really fun. They’re like swings but more comfortable and a lot cozier. This one looks like the head of a killer whale but don’t worry because the only killer thing about it is its looks.

point hanging duo lounge

Give kids a cozy place to relax and be alone and make it comfortable and fun. So instead of a small sofa that would just look ordinary, how about a hanging daybed or a swing chair with lots of comfy pillows inside?

Roberti chair swing

Still, sometimes a swing just needs to be a swing, even if you make it a bit more comfortable and stylish. This one is perfect for a little girl’s room. It’s designed to be hung from the ceiling or a a support rod and it can also be secured to the floor to prevent accidents.

Geometric dog furniture accessories

Let’s not forget about accessories and decorations. This seems like a cute sculpture the kids would enjoy having in their room. You can put it in a corner of their room or use it as a door stopper.

Vibrazioni console

Let’s also focus a little bit on storage furniture such as a small dresser or a cabinet that could look nice in the kids’ room. Look for something colorful that doesn’t really follow a specific theme. Designs inspired by movies or characters don’t really last as they become outdated quickly. Something a bit more abstract has more potential in this sense. These cabinet doors are covered with what seems to be a mosaic of poster pieces.

Bold colors for media room

Grown up designs can also be playful. Take this unit for example. Sure, it looks chic in the living room when you put a TV on it and turn it into a console table but it can also look lovely in the kids’ room where it can become the main storage cabinet for clothes, school supplies and even toys.

Wall unit in bold colors

While dressers and console units can definitely be useful as storage pieces for the kids’ room decor, you should also consider a series of open shelves or perhaps a bookcase. One with different-colored modules or a modular design that lets you rearrange the pieces however you want surely sounds interesting.

Decorate the walls with bold animal frames

I’m not sure what’s more interesting and beautiful here: the colorful wall frames and decorations that double as hangers or the droplet light fixtures. Both could look stylish in a variety of settings, including a playroom or a bedroom designed for kids.

Leather pillows with a belt

Classical chairs with high backrests and sculptural designs are for grown ups. Kids prefer something more casual like a pouf. This one looks like a collection of stacked pillows. It’s something you could put together yourself in case you can’t find something similar in stores.

Small colorful stools for playroom

For the desk kids sit at and color books or build things out of clay, a set of colorful stools would be just perfect. Stools are cute and versatile and they don’t look as imposing as a chair.

Red and deep red cherry

Lamps rarely look fun and stylish at the same time, except maybe when they’re shaped like giant shiny cherries. That’s something you could easily picture in your own home office or even in the bedroom as a nightstand accessory.

Turquoise and green lime round chair

Something that looks like a fun combination between a pouf and a hammock is sure to look interesting to kids although adults wouldn’t mind having one for their reading corner either.

Monkey chandelier lighting

One couldn’t assume an ornate and opulent chandelier with a vintage design could look fun and cheerful enough for kids to love it and want it in their room. But that’s while assuming there’s not a little Capuchin monkey hanging from the chandelier.

Afreaks Booth full of rich colors

One thing that makes mushrooms look so cute is the fact they look like tiny little houses for mice and insects or like creatures with huge hats. It’s no wonder kids find them lovely.

Afreaks Mushrooms

So how about a giant mushroom with a shiny golden base and a textured canopy? It suits the criteria, being both cute and chic.

Afreaks tabletop decor

In fact, add a golden touch to pretty much anything that also has a cute or fluffy side and you got yourself the perfect combination of playful and stylish for the kids room decor.

Funny accessories for living room

Anything can look cute if you put a pair of antlers on it or if you make it look like a woodland creature in some abstract way. And to also give it a stylish look, add some polished touches of gold, silver or bronze.

euromobil round lounge

If there’s one thing to keep in mind when shopping for furniture to put in the kids’ room is that it doesn’t need to look overly childish or to be shaped like some popular character in order to be cute. Tone down the look a little bit and you reach a whole new category of products.