Fun, Funky, and Fantastic Kids Bedroom Furniture Design

Summer is a great time for involving your children in some design decisions around the house, and what better place to start than their own bedrooms. With the kids around all day, you’ll have plenty of time to freshen up their kid spaces. Ultimately, kid-friendly pieces are durable, safe, comfortable, and at least a little bit quirky and juvenile. Here are some of the latest designs for kids bedroom furniture and some commentary on what makes them unique, unexpected, and ultimately fantastic. Grab a popsicle and your favorite little sidekick, and browse through these fabulously funkids bedroom ideas!

Kids modern stools
Lobster and scissors chair

Seating with an Academic Twist – It’s almost (but not really) a shame that there’s no homework to be done during these summer months, with such academic furniture such as this scissors-shaped chair! The chair’s scissor silhouette is highly visual at a child’s eye-level, right where it counts, and is sure to be the favorite seat in the house.

Circu Rocket Style Bed

Secret Mission Rocket Hideout – Research has shown that adults tend to seek out spaces that feel cozy, whether it’s a small nook in the corner of a large room or an intimate conversational area. The same is true, but even more so, for children. There’s something inherently magical about an imaginatively decorated, somewhat contained space for children’s play and concentration. What better way to set this up than an elaborate rocket ship in the bedroom? Ready for takeoff…

Hot air ballon kids bedroom

Hot Air Balloon Bed – In the same way that cozy spaces draw people to them, beds with themes or décor above them are inherently attractive to young imaginations. This is not just a bed; it’s a vehicle for traveling the world, either solo or with friends. I imagine this kids bedroom idea would make it the favorite play place on the block. (That’s a good thing…right?)

Lobster and paintbrush chairs

Silly Seats – Some part of a child’s bedroom, however small, should be dedicated to silliness. But this can be done in a somewhat sophisticated way. These cleverly designed mod chairs, for example, speak to the child within while maintaining a minimalist, albeit child-focused, design. I mean, a paintbrush chair? It couldn’t get better than that.

Kinder modern sheeld desk

Wonderful Workspace – You might be hard-pressed to get a child to lose themselves in the world of creating and coloring if you sit them at the kitchen table and command them to “color now.” But kid-like details, such as a hanging canvas organizer/holder, wheels and the option to move the table to just the right spot, and a proportional and distinct stool are the perfect ingredients for a child’s creative workspace, lovely for any child’s bedroom.

Zoya B Bed and dolls

Shelf for Stuffies – If your child can’t seem to get enough of soft playthings, whether they be stuffed animals, dolls, or anything else of the like, you’ve likely run into the question of where in the world to store their collected treasures. A floating wall shelf installed directly above their bed is a wonderful idea, as long as it is double- and triple-secure. The fun part of this is that a child can stand on her bed and reach, organize, and rearrange these beloved items to her heart’s content, and her bedroom actually stays relatively un-cluttered in the process. Win-win.

Seaside aqua dreaming girl decor

Seaside Aqua & Coral Retreat – Any princess is going to love some netting around her bed; such a fancy touch is elegant and, once again, cozier than a plain bed setup for sure. Soft colors from the sea – light aqua details with sweet coral accents – emphasize serenity amid the white-capped waves’ seafoam.

Sky control boys room design

10-4 Airplane/Sky Control – Most little boys’ dream, at some point, involves sitting at a control panel with lots of buttons. If it involves airplanes or flying vehicles, well, all the better. A desk is transformed with paint and a few odds and ends of detailing to make it into a pilot’s cockpit; a wardrobe becomes the air hatch. And jet propellers flanking the bed are sure to carry him away in the sweetest of dreams.

Pirate ship themed room

Pirate / Treasure of the Seas – Sharks and pirate ships and thatched bungalow roofs, oh my! If you can’t imagine transforming your kid’s entire bedroom into a perfect pirate’s lair like this, you might glean bits and pieces that your sea-loving son would be thrilled with. A shark’s façade on the desk, for example, and a jolly roger-esque flag as his headboard might be just the thing.

Victorian girl bedroom decor

Victorian Glamour –If your daughter eats, breathes, and sleeps Pink Princessness, it might be time for her bedroom to follow suit. The dramatic accessories of this beautifully designed space will make the most difference in your own replica. White furnishings with gilded accents or framing, luxurious bedding with a sheen, upholstered surfaces, and of course the luxe velvet theater-style curtains framing the headboard will definitely make her feel like a queen.

Charming curve appeal decor

Charming Curve Appeal – It’s often the nuances in a well-designed space that carry it to the next level, and this one happens to have the recipe figured out. An emphasis on softness and curves make this sweet bedroom space look and feel like a dream, with the unique and tufted pink armchair (with two-toned piping! *swoon*) and poufs in various sizes to make any guest feel at ease.

Custom bunk beds for kids bedroom

Custom Bunks – Bunk beds can feel somewhat militarial, what with their rigid, no-nonsense design. That’s the traditional feeling, anyway. But there’s no reason that your kids’ bedroom-for-two can’t be amped up a notch with some custom beds and closets. The best part about a built-in bunk bed such as this is that it can perfectly conform to your space and maximize any constraints you might have. Those closet-cupboards are an ingenious use of space, frankly.

Colorful bunk beds with storage for kids room

Here’s another look at this custom bunk beds arrangement. Notice how the floating architectural shelving coincides with the angular feel of the space and also balances out the orange bedding and bed below? This is a wonderful design tip.

Traditional bunk beds for girls

Form as Much as Function – When traditional-style bunk beds are in order, consider optimizing the layout with some built-in shelving on one end, and a fun ladder (with drawers for each riser, by chance?) on the other. The end result is entirely functional but impeccably sweet, particularly with a plaid wallpaper to tie the utilitarian right angles all together. And grey and pink is just as charming a color palette as can be.

Two toned kids room furniture

Two-Toned Touches – Two-toned furnishings can lend sophistication and visual appeal to most spaces, simply because they’re something different, a bit out of the norm, yet still entirely committed to the color scheme of the space. In this kids’ bedroom with plenty of cupboards and drawers (lucky kid!), alternating the colors break up the “wall” of doors into something aesthetic and more kid-friendly.

Corner blue bunk beds with stairs storage

Corner Bunks & Cobalt Blue – Something about cobalt blue turns any regular space into something vibrant and alive with positive, secure energy. Keeping the color saturated and contained to the lower half of this corner bunk space, while carrying the red-white-and-blue colors into the upper bunk space creates a seamless, energetic, and balanced corner bunk space. And built-in cubbies are a perfect use of space along the far wall.

Furniture designed for kids room

Keep it Simple…y Awesome – A clean-lined, modern aesthetic should not be overlooked as a fantastic way to look at kids bedroom furniture and design. Designing a space that is well-edited helps a child, pre-teen, and even teenager be able to keep his room cleaner and more organized…without sacrificing personality. Accented table legs provide just enough break from the primary color palette to keep things interesting and a bit rogue.