Remarkable Ways To Inspire With Striped Curtains

Curtains are an easy and practical way to add some color or pattern to a room’s interior décor. Sure, depending on the color palette, the style and everything else in the room, the type of curtains you choose need to be in sync with all those elements but there’s one option that always works: striped curtains.

Horizontal striped curtains

Horizontal living room striped curtainsView in gallery

Horizontal stripes are useful for making a room seem larger although in some cases it’s merely a matter of preference and looks.{found on behance}.

Foyer striped horizontal curtainsView in gallery

When working with horizontal striped curtains, the color combination is important. You want the curtains to stand out without overpowering the whole décor.{found on caseygracedesign}.

Bedroom neutral colors striped curtainsView in gallery

The colors have to be chosen based on the function of the room. For example, choose neutral colors for a bedroom, colors that don’t disturb the eye and which match the rest of the room’s interior design.{found on tessfine}.

Horizontal striped curtains turquoise accentsView in gallery

Turquoise curtains are particularly attractive and, since we’re discussing stripes, combine this exquisite color with white or ivory for a fresh look. It would help to also use turquoise for other accessories in the room as well.{found on tobifairley}.

Blue striped curtains for bedroomView in gallery

The contrast between a dark color and a light one is strong but also elegant and timeless. It doesn’t have to be the usual black and white combo. So experiment with other similar combinations.{found on baahomes}.

Black and white striped curtainsView in gallery

Of course, black and white striped curtains are still a very valid option, especially when the rest of the décor is also based on these colors. You can choose to add a warm touch to the room with a bit of beige or light brown.{found on theyellowcapecod}.

Match the curtains with wallsView in gallery

You can match the curtains to the walls in which case they won’t stand out but rather blend in. this is a beautiful example and the bedroom is a suitable room for such a look.{found on brianwatford}.

Stand out curtains pink detailsView in gallery

A different option is to let the curtains stand out by using a color which contrasts with the overall décor. The pink stripe gives the nursery character and the color can also be seen in other combinations although none is as striking as the curtains.{found on sarahgreenman}.

Contemporary curtains for bay windowsView in gallery

These bay window curtains only have stripes on the lower portion but this doesn’t stop them from looking really chic and really beautiful. In fact, this is actually a very nice look which can be adapted to a variety of other interiors and types of windows.

Black and white striped curtains

Black and white striped curtains feminine touchView in gallery

There’s more than one way in which you can integrate a set of black and white curtains into your home’s décor. The horizontal stripes are only one of the many options. Vertical stripes, for example, can be just as beautiful given the right setting.{found on nicholeloiaconodesign}.

Crisp bold contrast curtainsView in gallery

You can take advantage of the crisp and bold contrast featured by your black and white curtains to give the room a fresh look without necessarily repeating the pattern. You can also add an accent color such as green.{found on lizcarrollinteriors}.

Blue themed bedroom with vertical striped black and white curtainView in gallery

When the room is already defined by mixed patterns and colors, the curtains can be just another feature to add to the list. Yet this doesn’t mean they can’t stand out.{found on lindseybinzhome}.

Curved sofa for living room and striped curtainsView in gallery

Opt for a warmer shade of white to avoid disturbing contrasts when the walls are painted a color such as brown for example. The curtains would integrate better into the décor if you were to also use black for other big elements, including furniture.{found on sylviamartinphoto}.

Striped shower curtains

Striped shower curtain designView in gallery

There are tons of ways in which a striped shower curtain can offer your bathroom a lot of character and style. Even if the décor is bold enough without having to add yet another striking detail, the striped curtains can be just what the space need to look complete.{found on jerikoegel}.

Shabby chic curtain for bathroom showerView in gallery

Add a shabby chic curtain featuring a classy combination of colors you’ve chosen for the entire bathroom. This shade of mustard yellow is an interesting choice for the otherwise all white décor.{found on analogdesignstudio}.

Modern bathroom design grey striped curtainView in gallery

Modern shower curtains take many forms. Some are really quirky, featuring unusual prints while others stay simple. Take this long shower curtain with beautiful gray strips for example. It’s interesting enough to stand out but not overly eye-catching.

White bathroom with vertical stripesView in gallery

A shower curtain with vertical stripes doesn’t stand out at all when it’s folded in a corner. But that’s only if the accent color you’ve chosen blends in and doesn’t really add any striking contrast to the mix.

Using only two colors for shower curtainView in gallery

Using only two colors for striped shower curtains is not a rule. Multicolored curtains are a beautiful option. Use them to break the monotony in a monochromatic bathroom or to simply add more color to an already colorful décor.{found on slogreengoods}.

Simple gray curtain for showerView in gallery

Gray is a simple color often associated with modern interior because of its versatile and neutral nature. So you can’t really go wrong with a shower curtain that has gray and white stripes.{found on austarchitect}.

Bathroom tiny strips for shower curtainView in gallery

The stripes don’t need to be big to be noticed. These ones are really subtle and the curtain is actually very interesting. It’s the type of accessory that would easily blend in regardless of the style.{found on nanettewong}.

Freestanding tub striped curtainView in gallery

These vertical stripes are also subtle and, in a way, they define the bathroom pretty well. It could be because of the wall panels.{found on sarahphippsdesign}.

Yellow bathroom shower curtainView in gallery

The yellow stripes on the curtains coordinate with the color on the wallpaper. It’s a cheerful shade and a good option for this corner bathtub, given that there are no windows to let in natural light.

White and grey shower striped curtainView in gallery

The color on the shower curtains can also coordinate with other elements in the room such as the shelves, the bathroom mat, the towels and all sorts of other accessories.{found on donaroseneinteriors}.

Green and white colorful striped curtainView in gallery

This combination of colors and the proportions of the stripes is really fresh and chic and it’s perfect for the crisp white bathroom. Actually, one of the walls is painted a very faint shade of green.