Injection of History into your Home with Century-Spanning Furniture and Trends

There are stately homes and former royal residences available for public viewing all over the UK. These provide a great day out and the opportunity to marvel over manicured gardens, pastoral authenticity, opulent adornments, and everything else that’s associated with authentic and traditional British lavishness. Our mind wonders to what it would have been like to live in former Britain. But with century-spanning furniture and timeless extravagant extras, you can make your home one of historic proportions.

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You don’t need to emulate a specific time period in order to effectively work this trend in your home. The blend between authentic, rustic tradition and gold, luxurious, over-the-top adornments, seems to have had a place throughout all time periods.

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Finish this off with warm, rich and royal colours, and you’ll capture the taste for the conventional and lavish England. However, if you are looking for specific inspiration then casting your mind to the Tudor period is assured to start your creative flow.

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In fact, this is an era that coincided with the Renaissance period, and this offers huge scope in the form of art and adornments. There are some fantastic portraits created by well-known artists of the time, with the Mona Lisa being one of the most famous masterpieces of this period. If you truly want to capture the historic feel in your home then you should definitely take a look online for wall art from the Renaissance era.

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There is nothing better than a portrait to show depth of emotion, story, and feeling. One carefully selected piece can completely transform your room and inject that history you are looking for.

Malinard Manor

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And finally, this post would not be complete without mentioning the utilisation of wood. Embrace deep  and inviting shades of this material. Wood is used to dramatic effect because not only does it literally add warmth to the room in which it is placed, but the dark shades create an air of mystery, intrigue, and depth. Paneling is the most effective way to use wood when taking a trip back in time.

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