10 Ways to Improve Your Beadboard Ceiling

Beadboard is like the homeowners bandaid. With a few nails and a free Saturday, you can turn a surface with ugly paint or cracking plaster into a lovely ridged surface of beauty. But did you know that you can install beadboard on your ceiling as well as your walls? It is a great upgrade from textured ceilings or even flat without paying a fortune. And not just that! Once you have your beadboard installed, there are even more ways to make it really fit into the style of your home and give it some personality. All on your ceiling. Here are 10 ways to improve your beadboard ceiling.

Kitchen with whiet beadboard ceilingView in gallery

Black kitchen with white beadboard ceilingView in gallery

Black kitchen cabinets with white beadboard ceilingView in gallery

Black kitchen with white beadboard ceiling and hardwood floorView in gallery

Doesn’t the grid of trim look lovely on the ceiling? You would never know that it wasn’t original. It’s a great option to help you update on a budget and stay in tune with the age of the house which is important in an older home. (via Lifestyle and Design Online)

Beadboard ceiling vaultedView in gallery

Many times, the sheer amount of plain wall space of a vaulted ceiling can get you a bit down. Cover it up with beadboard and suddenly your space has texture and with texture comes comfort. (via Allwoodconstruction)

Beadboard ceiling thick trimView in gallery

Some homes have small spaces that could really be improved by a fresh sheet of beadboard, but that’s about all the character the space will handle. You can take things a notch further however by installing a thick moulding around the edges to make things blend in. (via Country Living)

Living room Beadboard ceiling paintedView in gallery

Dining room Beadboard ceiling paintedView in gallery

Not all ceilings are meant to be stark and white. Especially when there is beadboard above your head! Take a chance and paint your beadboard ceiling the grounding color of your space. It will transform your room into a place you’ll want to hang out all the time. (via Three Haute Mamas)

Beadboard ceiling stained woodView in gallery

Maybe you’re a wood fanatic and don’t care much for colors other than brown. Go ahead and stain your beadboard ceiling a rich dark wood that will bring a restful feeling to your home.

Beadboard ceiling wood beamsView in gallery

Beadboard ceiling wood beams designView in gallery

Country homes lean on white and wood in every single room possible. Install some rustic wood beams on top of your beadboard ceiling for a classic country kitchen look. (via 1900 Farmhouse)

Beadboard tray ceilingView in gallery

Tray ceilings offer so many wonderful opportunities for styling. Install beadboard in the highest point to add some texture to an otherwise large boring ceiling. Bonus points if you paint it.

Beadboard ceiling attic bedroomView in gallery

Attic bedrooms usually boast slanted ceilings that are both charming and frustrating. Instead of lamenting on the lack of picture hanging space, put up beadboard to give the surface definition. (via Aquidneckproperties)

Brown Beadboard patio ceilingView in gallery

Are you blessed with a covered patio? Lucky for you, patios are the perfect place to add a beadboard ceiling. They’ll cover up a multitude of sins and make your outdoor space feel like an indoor space.

Amazing porch with beadboard ceiling and french bistro chairsView in gallery

Porch with beadboard ceiling and wallsView in gallery

Patios aren’t the only outdoor space that deserve a pretty coat of beadboard. Put one on your front porch to instantly create a space that is lemonade sipping worthy. (via Houseofturquoise)