IKEA’s All-in-One Entertainment Systems

Figuring out how you living room will look like with all this modern technology can be a pretty hard exercise. Multimedia experiences are now a part of our daily life our phone plays music, takes pictures it can browse the internet and so on.  We are at any given moment connected with something or someone.  Our home has to keep up with technology and instead of coming home and “recharge our batteries”, relax in the old fashion way, we remain in touch with our favorite music , people and so on.  These are modern times and modern times call for modern people.

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IKEA the famous  Swedish furniture brand thought about  home entertainment and developed the Uppleva entertainment furniture.  This product was designed in collaboration with TLC Multimedia and proposes a stylish solution for all the modern electronics. It is priced around $960 but for this amount of money this complete entertainment system includes a Blu-Ray DVD player, hidden built-in speakers, FM radio and Mp3 Player. A big wireless subwoofer and an internet connectivity port complete the ensemble.

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Setting up audio devices, TV and wires, electrical plugs and all accessories takes time, skill and from my experience the result looks a bit unprofessional and there is always a cable hanging somewhere. This Uppleva entertainment furniture offers a very stylish and practical solution for your living room. Its design is meant to work perfectly in modern environments and where the modern touch doesn’t  stand out, this piece will set the standards.{found on reutres}.