How to renovate the basement and turn it into a friendly space

The basement is usually a space used for storage or that doesn’t even have a function. However, it’s valuable space that could be used for something else. You should seriously consider renovating your basement, if you have one. But first, before beginning that, you should decide the purpose of the space you’ll be renovating. For example, the basement can become anything from a playroom to a bedroom or a man cave.

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After you have decided all that you can start planning the renovation. You need to know the number of outlets you’ll be needing, whether or not you need internet jacks and other similar things. If the basement is big enough, you could even crate a separating wall and have two rooms.

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Depending on the type of room you wish you create you should decide whether or not you need professional help. For example, if you plan on creating a living room, bedroom or office you can do everything by yourself. But if you want to turn the basement into a home theatre you’ll probably need professional help.

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Decide on the color you want for the room and start painting the walls. You can also cover them in wood for a more cozy atmosphere. Since the basement is the closest to the ground, it would be best to choose a plush carpet for thermal insulation. As for the furniture, it all depends on the type of room you have chosen to create. You can reuse furniture that you no longer need in the other rooms of the house or you can improvise and take a look at some of the DIY projects we have here.

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Since the basement basically has no windows, it will be difficult to turn it into a bright and airy space. For that you need to carefully choose the type of artificial lighting and the colors for the room. The basement can become anything you want as long as you use your imagination and creativity.{pictures 1,2,3 and 4}.