How to Make Kids’ Bedrooms Fun and Classic

Designing a child’s bedroom is not always child’s play! Chances are you want something that won’t go out of style in a few years, but that doesn’t mean the room can’t be fun just the way kids like it. Here are some tips to strike a balance.

Choose a Colorful Floor.

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A Non-White Floor Provides a Fun Element

A floor that is painted a fun color can be an easy way to bring enthusiasm to your children’s room. It is also a practical way to hide dirt or dust, unlike white painted flooring.

Use Neutral Shades.

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Grey is Chic and can be Combined with Brighter Shades

Even with a colorful floor, the bedroom’s main color palette can consist of neutral shades. Yes, not blue or pink! This can also be the case for baby nurseries. The reason for this is that neutral shades remain classy and timeless. However, you can inject bursts of bolder shades into the décor, such as yellow, to bring energy to the room that is usually associated with children’s bedrooms.

Tips to Prevent Fads.

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Play Around with ‘Room Removables’

Kids sometimes change their minds about what they want in their bedrooms. That Pooh wall mural might be fun for them now, but they could dislike it in a few weeks’ time. So ultimately, you want to ensure that you focus on updating only certain parts of the room to their liking, what we can call ‘room removables.’ These are things that you can easily add to or subtract from a room without too much hassle, and they include toys, bedding, and perhaps even light fixtures.

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Let them be Creative with Chalkboards

While you’re updating your room removables, keep the walls bare and main upholstery décor to a minimum. It’s much easier to change a toy or bedspread than to have to repaint the entire room! Likewise, a chalkboard creates a fun space kids can use to their hearts content and it’s an easier alternative to wall murals.

Bank on Bunk Beds.

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They Save Space while Being a Fun Sleeping Arrangement

Kids always find bunk beds to be fun, especially if they come with a neat staircase leading to the top bed. This is great for siblings or an only child who invites a friend for sleepovers. As a parent, bunk beds are more than a fun idea: they are a practical answer to small bedrooms.

Make it Their Sanctuary.

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Include Things They Love

It’s your kids’ bedroom, so you want it to be a place where they feel comfortable and are surrounded by things they enjoy. If they love pink, then use it in your color palette; if they need lots of seating areas for when their friends come over, invest in fun bean bags. However, you can still make the room look chic and incorporate it into the design of the rest of your living space. For instance, this can be achieved by hanging a chandelier, using patterned curtains or creating a pretty seating area.

Avoid Clutter.

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Lose the Mess

One of the things that can make your children’s bedroom look shabby, and appear completely isolated from the rest of your living space, is clutter. Avoid this pitfall by ensuring the room has enough storage space for all your kids’ toys, books, clothing and school gear.

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Toy wall for Creative Storage

You can also create a toy wall consisting of mini shelves on which kids can place their toys or action figures. This also looks decorative! Getting your children into the habit of cleaning up after playtime and using their toy wall will ensure a neat and tidy room that blends pristinely into the rest of your home. This is especially important if you want your children’s bedroom to double up as a guestroom.

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