How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet With One Simple Trick

If you have carpet, it will get stained. How to get wax out of the carpet with one simple trick is something every homeowner should know how to do.

Wax dries fast. It will leave a hard spot faster than you think. But wax stains aren’t as overwhelming as they seem. A few tips and tricks are all you need.

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As with any method, you need to be careful when removing wax from carpetThese methods involve heat and strong substances. An adult should be the one to get wax out of carpet and only an adult. 

If the wax in your carpet has an odor that is bothering you, try these methods to get dog pee out of carpet. They are proven methods that can remove any odor, as dog pee is one of the strongest odors left in carpet. 

Types Of Wax

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Although most wax items have the same type of wax, cleaning alternatives are also popular. Most of them are natural as people are becoming more aware of the environment.

Wax that has stained your carpet is made from one of the following:

Paraffin Wax

This is the most common type of wax used. Crayon wax, candle wax, and wax cubes come from paraffin wax. They contain petroleum and release benzene under hot temperatures. 

If your candles or wax melts are old, they’re paraffin. If they are new, they have different natural wax. 

Coconut Wax

Coconut wax is popular. It is natural and safe for the environment. Small candle makers use coconut wax, but you won’t find it at large retail stores.

Unlike other natural wax, coconut is softer than paraffin. It may solidify in a different way than normal wax and will be easier to remove. 

Soy Wax

Soy wax releases allergens, so it’s not a popular household wax. The wax isn’t a natural cleanser. Soy wax is denser than paraffin wax and requires greater heat to melt.

Most natural candles have soy wax because it’s cheaper. If you have a cheap natural candle, it probably has soy wax in it. It will look like paraffin.


Beeswax is another household favorite. It releases negative ions when burned that eliminate dust, mold, and other allergens. It cleans the air. 

The wax will lift off in one piece. It won’t spread fast and it’s thicker most wax brands. Thin wax spreads, but won’t be as thick. 

Palm Wax

Palm wax contains palm tree oil. The wax is harder than other natural wax, so the same struggles will be faced. However, it is not recommended if you’re going green. 

Palm trees are endangered, yet they’re harvested to meet palm wax demand. If you’re concerned with the environment, choose another natural wax. 


Although rosin isn’t wax, it is often paired with it. For example, body waxes contain both beeswax and rosin. It’s found in makeup, adhesives, and other household materials.

Rosin adds a sticky texture to wax and crystallizes when hard. However, it doesn’t change the cleaning process much because whatever you use to clean the oil will be strong enough to remove rosin as well. 

How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet

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The following method is one that has never failed to remove wax from carpet. 

Make sure you follow each step to avoid accidents and ensure you are doing your best to get wax out of your carpet. 

What You’ll Need

  • a butter knife
  • ice cubes (in a baggie)
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • paper towels
  • an iron
  • carpet cleaner (or rubbing alcohol)

It’s hard to catch wax when it’s warm and liquified. Wax hardens fast, so even if you see the spill, you won’t be able to clean it up when it’s in that form. 

Soft wax  is easier to clean after it hardens. 

Freeze The Wax

The first thing you’ll want to do is take that bag of ice cubes and put it on the wax. This will harden the wax and make it much easier to peel up. Sometimes, it will come right off after freezing it, depending on the severity of the stain.

If the bag starts to “sweat” then you’ll want to wrap it in a hand towel. This will prevent the wax from getting wet and lengthening the process. Wet wax isn’t as hard or solid, and doesn’t peel off easy. 

Scrape It Off

After a few minutes, the wax should scrape off with a butter knife. Be careful when you use the knife, especially if it’s sharp, because you may cut the carpet. Try to cut only the wax. For best results, use a dull knife.

If you don’t have a knife on hand, you can always use a credit card or something else with a solid edge. The knife isn’t used because it’s sharp but because it has a solid, straight edge that can peel the wax off. 

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Vacuum It Up

Vacuum loose wax left on the floor. Then, use any type of vacuum  to remove the rest. 

Melt And Absorb

If there are any remaining bits of wax after you vacuum, then heat that iron on a medium to low steam setting. Place a paper towel over the wax and iron it. The iron melts the wax and the paper towel will absorb it. 

Don’t let the wax absorb and then melt again. Replace your paper towel regularly to avoid recycling the wax into the carpet again. Bring a roll with you to speed the process up.

Clean The Carpet

After the wax is all but removed, clean the carpet with carpet cleaner. If you don’t have any, slightly dilute rubbing alcohol and spray it on. Then, remove it with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.

Finally, brush the carpet with a soft-bristle brush and it should be good as new. You can use any soft brush or get an upholstery or carpet brush. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Can Dissolve Wax?

Anything that dissolves oil and cuts through grease can dissolve wax. The most common of these are acetone and rubbing alcohol, both used in removing fingernail polish and simple cleaning. Be careful with both of these as they are quite strong. 

What If I Don't Have An Iron?

If you don’t have an iron, there are a few other options you can try. A hairdryer on a hot setting can do the same thing. A pot of boiling water will work the same. 

Will There Be Permanent Effects?

It is unlikely that wax will damage your carpet. If you remove it fast and brush your carpet afterward, it should be fine. Wax isn’t a harmful material.  It will stick to your carpet after it solidifies. 

Can The Wax Dye My Carpet?

Yes, it can. You can get rid of the stains after you get rid of the wax. Sometimes, a little peroxide or diluted bleach may do the trick. Find more tips in this how to get rid of slime in carpet guide. Slime contains dyes too!

How Do I Know What Type Of Wax I Have?

You can read the label of the wax that has stained your carpet. If it’s crayons, it’s paraffin. And if it’s body wax, it’s beeswax.

How Do You Remove Wax Crayon From Carpet?

When you discover wax crayon in your carpet, remove it asap. First, use a soft object to scrape the crayon wax residue from the surface.

Use a tiny amount of carpet cleaner and apply it to the stain. Next, use a clean rag or absorbent pad and blot the wax. You may have to repeat this process a few times.

How Do You Remove Eyebrow Wax From Carpet?

When you’re fixing your eyebrows, you might drop eyebrow wax on your carpet. Don’t panic, there is DIY method you can use to remove it. 

Fill a small plastic bag with ice and place it over the wax until it hardens. With a soft-edged butter knife, scrape off the wax.

Use a small piece of paper from a paper bag or other absorbent material and lay it over the wax.
Use denatured alcohol to remove the remaining stains.

What Dissolves Hardened Candle Wax?

Candle wax has an oil-base. You’ll need a solvent that can eat through oil. One DIY solvent that most have is acetone. If you have nail polish remover, then this will work.

Acetone with rubbing alcohol will remove wax from your carpet.

How To Get Wax Out Of Carpet Conclusion

When wax stains your carpet, you have nothing to worry about if you remove it soon. The longer a wax stains is unnoticed, the harder it is to remove it. 

You should use soft-edged household utensils like a butter knife or spoon. Don’t hesitate to create a unique remedy. If you have acetone, ice, and a clothes iron, there won’t be a wax stain that you cannot remove.