How To Choose The Right Furniture For The Kids’ Room

Decorating and furnishing the kids’ room involves a lot more than simply picking stuff you find cute or funny. If only it would be that easy…Parents get to learn this the hard way. It would sure help to know a few basics before actually starting the whole project. For example:

The furniture needs to be the right size for the kids. They have to be able to easily reach it and se it comfortably. This means staying away from shelves mounted high on the wall and tall cabinets.

Kids need lots of storage for all their toys. They don’t need anything fancy or complicated. In fact, the simpler the better. This way the kids get to learn how to be organized and how to put things back where they belong.

It’s also important to leave plenty of empty floor space so the kids can play and have fun. So don’t fill the room with cubbies and cabinets. You can find clever ways to save space such as with a loft bed that has tons of storage underneath.{found on ikeahackers}.

The furniture has to be sturdy, durable, functional and all that but it also needs to be fun. For example, the bunk beds could include a slide which would make getting out of bed in the morning so much fun.

Always be prepared for sleepovers. This means having an extra mattress or bed there just in case. The Pogo trundle bed you see here has a very versatile design. The bottom part of the frame can be used as a drawer but it can also accommodate a mattress.

Make learning fun and don’t let homework become a drag. A colorful table with cute stickers on it or hand-painted to look like this plus some matching chairs are exactly what you need.

It’s important to personalize the room and to make it look like your kids’ most favorite part of the house. So you can use the colors they like the most and decorate the walls with their own artwork.

Kids like surprises so they’d really enjoy having a cabinet or table with hidden storage inside. The Rubik’s Cube design is perfect because it’s also fun and colorful.

Bunk beds are ideal for kids’ rooms. They’re wonderful space-savers plus the kids really enjoy using the ladder to get in and out of bed.

Multifunctional furniture is a really nice option as well. For example, this simple-looking piece can be transformed from a cozy little nook into a fun fort.

Kids love to play with chalk and if you don’t offer them something to doodle on they’ll end up using the furniture. So make things easier and paint either a table or a wall with chalkboard paint.