Hopscotch rug for kids room

Rugs for kids today has been largely used as decoration in most houses-stylish yet affordable and a no mess work. The kids rugs must be colorful and playful. The hopscotch rug is made from 100% fine Argentinean wool that’s treated to create a realistic asphalt look. I’m sure that your inner child will love the Hopscotch Rug. Available here for 199$.

The chair was primarily designed for children. It makes no differentiation of gender because we all know that when they are little, children often like to play together, no matter what type of game it is. So girls play with boys and vice versa and neither of them has a problem with that until they get a little older and they start to realize they’re different. So whether your kid is a boy or a girl, I’m sure he or she will love this rug.

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But just because it’s made for children this doesn’t mean that adults are not allowed to enjoy it too. I know plenty of grownups who would love to have this rug just for themselves. That’s what happens when you’re childish.

Whether you’re buying this rug for your kid or even for yourself, I’m sure you made the right decision. It’s very soft and cozy, in the same time imitating the asphalt for realism, and it’s also easy to maintain clean.