Home World Map Shower Curtain

Some people are very good in History, some others in Chemistry and some , me included, simply love Geography. I have always liked learning everything there is to know about continents and countries and their capitals, towns and rivers, frontiers and all the other stuff kids learn in high-school in Geography. And one of my favourite games was to say the capital of a country and locate it on the world map in very few seconds. Of course, I needed a map for that and the political ones turned to be really useful, as the countries were colourful and had a clear design and boundaries. Any way, I have just found out that now I can combine my long gone passion for Geography with the moments of relaxation I spend in the shower, and this thanks to this amazing Home World Map Shower Curtain.


This shower curtain has a special design and it looks like a giant world map, printed on a PEVA sheet . It will turn your bathroom into an interesting room with a unique design and your long showers will be doubled by a pleasant experience and the time spent there will be used for locating countries on the map, finding out their neighbours and continent and so on. Besides, you can have it for just $14.99.