Happy Hour Sofa From Catalin Maruta Show

Floral fabrics are the best way to light a living room and giving people a glimpse of the soft side of your living room and fresh feel.The Provenza flower fabric sofa comes from Ditre Italia and can be the best sofa if you want to decorate a feminine living room.First time I saw this floral sofa on a popular entertainment show in Romania where all the guests are invited to sit down on “hapilica”, the show name is “Happy Hour” presented by Catalin Maruta.

Happy hour show with Catalin MarutaView in gallery

This sofa look is very attractive featuring a impresive collection of flowers and colors.It’s very comfortable and I must say it will become the center of attention of any room.Very fun and versatile sofa that would look great in a modern living room or why not porch.

Happy hour show with Catalin Maruta

In this picture is Catalin Maruta, the protagonist of the show and his wife Andra standing on happilica.I’m sure that our day becomes more beautiful and relaxing when we see some flowers even printed on sofa.Your guests will appreciate the unique design look and the relaxing atmosphere that you have created using this floral fabric sofa.