Two Hanging Beds That Take Comfort To A New Level

Hanging beds are seen by some as being a sophisticated version of the hammock. But they’re much more than that. A hanging bed is a lot more versatile and complex than its simple design suggests. It’s possible to build your own hanging bed in which case the whole structure would be pretty straight forward. But if you want something different, take a look at the one designed by Wiktor Jażwiec.

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He’s a young designer from Poland who came up with the concept for a really interesting hanging bed. This one offers two positions. There’s the sleeping position and at this point all you see is a regular bed with a wooden frame. The only unusual detail are the four thick pieces of rope attached to the frame.

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hanging-bed-designed-by-wiktor-jazwiec-up-to-the-ceilingView in gallery

The second position features the bed pulled all the way to the ceiling. That’s when the user utilizes a pulley system to maximize the floor space in the room. An automatic up/down mechanism lowers and raises the bed as needed.

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The bed has to be assembled on site by the buyer. Both the size and the materials are largely customizable. The largest bed weighs around 80 kg and features extra protection designed to make it safe and secure in the pulled up position.

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You can choose from a variety of wood finishes, lacquers and gloss paint options in order to customize the bed. Multiple colors are available. The bed comes with adjustable back lighting and the mattress is not included.

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hanging-bed-designed-by-wiktor-jazwiec-led-closer-lookView in gallery

Vincent Kartheiser Cabin!

We came across a similar design when we looked at actor Vincent Kartheiser’s Hollywood cabin. It was a stylish and very well organized space that featured a hanging bed attached to the ceiling with chain.

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It had a simple design, with a raw-edge wooden headboard attached to the wall. The headboard wasn’t attached to the bed frame so when the entire structure was pulled up to free up the floor space, this accessory remained on the wall, serving as a decoration.

Vincent Kartheiser Behind CurtainsView in gallery

Vincent Kartheiser Behind CurtainsView in gallery

Vincent Kartheiser Behind CurtainsView in gallery

Adding a hanging bed with a pulley system to a cabin was a clever move and a practical decision taken by the designer. Given the limited floor space, this allows a single room to change function easily, transforming from a bedroom into a living space.