Glossy Lipstick sofa by Sand & Birch

Isn’t it true that you have no idea what is this glossy purple thing you can see in the picture? It is called Glossy Lipstick and it is not a lipstick. It is actually a new construction of Sand & Birch. The project was made by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro and is a new designed chair. A sofa-concept-art built in glass and lexan covered in transparent silicone used for attaching the soft patina like a real gloss. The new creation is made in limited edition of only six pieces. So, grab it!

Glossy Lipstick-Sand&Birch-thumb-450x337

If you did not understand much let’s give some more details: this special chair has no legs and it is a combination of sofa and chair. The frame or skeleton is made of secured glass that is pretty resistant. For a more comfortable seating, the glass and lexan are covered in silicone and this makes the sofa pretty soft and comfy for all those sitting in it. However, the colour of this unusual sofa/chair is more appropriate for a lollipop or a lipstick, so this gave the name of Glossy lipstick sofa.