Types Of Glitter Wall Paint And How To Use Them

If you want to upgrade your home to make your living space more fabulous, you’re not alone. Many people are doing the same thing, and a variety of ways are available. Today, we’ll explore different types of glitter wall paint and how to use them. 

Join us as we show you how glitter wall paint can make your walls shimmer. Wait until you see the magic it can create in your bedroom.  

What Is Glitter Wall Paint?

glitter wall paint
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Glitter wall paint can refer to types of “paint.” We’ll get into the varieties later. Now, we’re going to discuss its purpose and why you’d want to use it. You should know that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to add glitter to paint. 

Most homeowners will use the paint for one wall only. Glitter paint isn’t usually used on multiple walls, although it can be. More often than not, it is used for a feature wall and usually in the bedroom. You can apply glitter interior wall paint to wood, metal, drywall, and plastic.

Glitter Wall Paints Dos And Don’ts

Glitter Wall Paints Dos And Don'ts
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When using glitter wall paint, the first thing you need to do before purchasing is reviewing a list of what you should and shouldn’t do. These tips can help you get started the right way. 

Don’t Go Overboard

Glitter wall paint can answer your home design problems. When not used sparingly, it can be a disaster. No one wants to walk into a room that is all glitter, as it would be too overwhelming. 

If you use glitter on a feature wall or two, then you can create a gorgeous space with that extra bit of flashiness. With one wall, you can customize the glitter easier.

Seal Glitter Paint

This depends on the type and style of glitter. Top-layer, loose glitter flakes easily. Regular glitter paint is smooth and won’t flake as much, even if it’s unsealed.

However, both styles require sealing. Smoother types are easy to seal, but make sure they are compatible. The loose kind is difficult to seal, and you may need to use spray paint to seal it. 

Don’t Use On Exteriors

Never use glitter paint outside unless the can specifically says it is for outdoor use. Glitter paint can’t handle the bad weather and will not hold up if used outside. Even if you seal the glitter, don’t use it outdoors.

You can use metallic paint outdoors for a shimmery effect, and it can look just as good. Metallic spray paints are especially great for outdoor use and can even extend the lifespan of whatever you’re painting.

Use Multiple Coats

Glitter paint needs more coats than standard paint. You may need five coats or at least four coats of glitter paint for it to cover. This can take time, especially if you want that thick glittery look instead of the simple shimmer that one coat offers. If you can’t use loose glitter with fewer coats, then this is the route you should choose if you’re on a tight budget. 

Don’t: Overlap

Overlapping glitter when painting will lift the glitter already on the surface. So, when you paint, make sure you only go over each area once. A criss-cross pattern can work, but it is best only to do one layer. 

If you do a criss-cross pattern, to strips one way and then checker it the other way. Otherwise, do the simple down once up the next row pattern. This will take care of the first layer of paint. Repeat after it dries. After that, feel free to add DIY glitter wall decor to give your space that extra zing. 

Ways To Use Glitter Wall Paint

Ways To Use Glitter Wall Paint
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Glitter wall paint comes in different forms and can even be homemade. But there are four primary forms that you’ll see about 90 percent of the time. Other ways are rare and may not be effective in the long run.

But these four ways tend to work fairly well most of the time, even though they aren’t fail-proof. So be sure you know what you’re doing before choosing. Check out these four methods to find the right one for your project.

Glitter Paint

This is by far the most straightforward method. You simply buy the glitter wall paint from a name-brand company. This type of glitter paint is the subtlest but will also look the most professional by far.

It is easy because all you have to do is paint it on just like any other type of paint. It isn’t too picky, but it’s always best to read the can carefully so you know everything that can go wrong and when to change your method. 

Glue And Sprinkle

This method is fun and provides excellent glitter coverage. You will want to paint the wall with high-grade glue, like Mod Podge. Then, you sprinkle the wall with glitter while the wall is wet with glue. 

Now you can’t use just any type of glue for this. It’s essential that the glue easily adheres to walls without being too thick or won’t peeling after it’s true. That’s why we recommend Mod Podge. 

Just Sprinkle

This method is faster because you need to apply the glitter when the wall is wet with paint. So, have two people do this and ensure a drop cloth to avoid making a mess.

Paint a small area while the other person applies the loose glitter on the recently painted section. You can continue this process until you’ve painted the wall completely. Use plenty of paint so the wall will be wet. 

Glitter Glue Paint

Glitter glue paint is similar to the glue and sprinkle method. Only this time, you mix the glitter into the glue and then paint it on. You will need high-quality glue for this method to paint it on.

Don’t add too much glitter, or the glue won’t stick. Add very slowly because if you add quickly, you risk getting the glue too thick and making it unusable until you add even more glue, which you may not have on hand. 

Glitter Wall Paint Alternatives

Glitter Wall Paint Alternatives

If you don’t want to find the best way to make or use glitter wall paint, other options are just as fun and flashy. These are different fun ways you can create that perfect feature wall to show off.

Glitter Wallpaper

Glitter wallpaper is the simplest way to apply glitter on walls. All you have to do is hang the wallpaper. That’s it. There aren’t any special requirements. Some glitter wallpaper is even peel-and-stick, making it super easy to apply.


Any mural will work, but you can create your mural for extra customization. Have an artist friend take care of it or hire someone to create a unique mural for your glitter walls at home. 

Photo Wall

A photo wall is a great way to add character to that wall and add sentimental value. Add your favorite photos of you, family members, pets, or childhood memories. Create a wall-sized collage.


Tapestries are relatively inexpensive if you’re not super picky about what type of tapestry you get. If you are, you can customize one that is the size of your wall. It can be your dream tapestry that is fully removable. 


This isn’t just a 90s trend. This can be cool in any bedroom, even today. You can paint your entire wall glow-in-the-dark paint, or you can do decals, which is an even more unique way to get the effect.


A cork wall is a fun way to create a highly customizable wall full of all sorts of fun things. Use photos, calendars, magnets, and anything else that you feel like adding. It’s easy to install and not expensive. 


Sequins are super fun, and they aren’t difficult to install. You will need a full-sequined curtain for best results and hang it on the ceiling. Then you have a wall full of sequins. You can also do this with a beaded curtain. 

Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall can be achieved by painting your wall with chalkboard paint. This isn’t to be confused with chalk paint which is a certain type of paint. Learn more about the differences and how to achieve the look here

Full Bookshelf

A full bookshelf is another fun way that looks more classic and sophisticated than other options. Use multiple bookshelves or use a built-in bookshelf to create the look effortlessly. Don’t forget to include your favorite books.

Disco Glitter Wall Paint

If you grew up in the 70s or you wish that you did, then a DIY glitter wall paint project would be a fun idea. It doesn’t take to learn how to paint a glitter accent wall, if you decided to focus on one wall instead of the entire room. When you’re done, adding shimmer to wall paint would take things to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is glitter wall paint expensive?

The great thing about this paint his how it doesn’t require you to spend a small fortune if you want to use it. Not only are there many affordable options to choose from, but you can also make it just by adding glitter to the paint color of your choice?

Is glitter wall paint hard to apply on walls?

One thing that every glitter paint project has in common is that they require patience and little skill. You may need to enlist the help of your spouse or friend, but only briefly. 

Where should I use glitter paint?

Most people will use it for just one wall in their homes. Before choosing which wall you want to paint, make sure it is exposed to sunlight, or there are plenty of ceiling lights next to it. Illuminating a room is arguably the biggest appeal of glitter wall paint. 

Glitter Wall Paint Conclusion

There isn’t a shortage of glitter painting ideas. You could say that there’s an infinite number, well, almost anyway. If you can’t find the glitter paint you want, you can use regular glitter in paint.

Glitter room paint is easy to use and simple to make. Today, metallic glitter wall paint is popular. If you wanted to bolster your glitter paint job, adding shimmer to wall paint is one option. You should know that glitter paint isn’t just for bedrooms. They make glitter paint for bathroom walls. Instead of glitter, you can also paint with sparkles.

Painting a glitter accent wall would be a fun DIY project. If you don’t like the results, you can paint over glitter walls and start with something fresh. When you incorporate glitter wall designs into your home, it adds positive energy to your living space.

When you want to showcase a piece of art or add flair to your bedroom, glitter wall paint is for you. The paint provides an intense multi-dimensional shimmering effect, turning a drab room into a sparkling one.

The paint is also a fantastic way to add elegance to a living space while accentuating its interior light. As one of the hottest home decor trends today, you’ll appreciate how glitter wall paint can revitalize any room or area.