How To Decorate With Geometric Wall Shelves

Geometric wall shelves are quite trendy right now. Actually, this can be said about geometric designs in general. Shelves are particularly stylish because they’re great at making their shapes stand out and look eye-catching. There are many different designs and forms to choose from and lots of interesting ways in which to combine them. Although they feature simple forms, they stand out in the most complex ways.

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Although that’s usually the case, not all wall shelves are big. Some can be quite small and they’re used in pairs or groups of four, five or more, creating interesting designs and forms. Use these small cube-shaped shelves as decorations. They’ll maintain a simple look throughout while also giving the space a unique twist.

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This sort of box shelves are very versatile and practical since they allow you to highlight the elements displayed inside and also to have objects placed on top of them. Use them to organize and display collections, to store things and to keep the décor open and airy.

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A different version of these box shelves doesn’t have a back panel. This means that the color of the wall is visible and, as a result, you can take advantage of that to give the wall a geometric and intriguing look by playing with contrasts and different colors and shapes.

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The shelves themselves can also be very simple. Actually, regular open shelves can be used to create all sorts of interesting wall designs. The secret is to use shelves of various sizes and to arrange them in a pattern that lets them complement each other as well as the rest of the room’s décor.

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If you want to make the shelves the focal point of a room, one idea is to combine various different geometric shapes such as hexagons, squares, rectangles and even circles and to arrange them together, creating an interesting display. It would also help to make the wall itself stand out by painting it a different color from the rest or in some other way.

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This of wall shelves as pieces of a puzzle. You can create your own custom unit by mixing and matching these shelves and playing with their shapes and dimensions. Usually, a geometric wall unit has an asymmetrical design and a simple but nevertheless complex structure.

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Living rooms aren’t the only place where you can work with geometric wall shelves. Home offices are another excellent option. Similarly, you can make the entryway stand out by putting a geometric spin on the unusual wall shelves and clothes hangers.

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Use wall shelves for book storage. They’re a more casual and more flexible alternative than regular bookcases. Instead of having all the books clustered on one wall or one area of the room, they can be spread throughout the space on shelves featuring different forms, sizes and placed at various heights.

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For a minimalistic look, consider a wall unit with a fluid and continuous design. It can combine various functions in a natural and seamless way. Bookshelves, media units and storage compartments can all be part of the same simple wall unit which makes any modern living room look stylish and elegant.

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Geometric shelves and wall units are quite resourceful and can stand out in all sorts of interesting ways. In the case of an elegant home office or studio, a set of open shelves can make a wall stand out with their intertwining forms and interesting forms. Here, for example, the shelves complement each other and the result is a cohesive unit with a defining fluidity.

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Sometimes geometric shelves and shelving units are part of a more complex design or unit. They often interact with cabinets, media units and other furniture pieces. Room corners are ideal for shelves, allowing them to fill the space and to increase its functionality without overly complicating the décor.

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Most often, there are two ways in which a geometric shelving unit can stand out. First of all, its shape can be enough to transform it into a focal point for the room even if the color is neutral and ideal for making the unit blend in. This contemporary dining room is the perfect example.

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A different option is to make a set of shelves or a wall unit stand out because of its color. A color that contrasts with the wall behind it or with the rest of the décor can easily outline the shape of the unit and the geometry behind the design.