Functional multi-purpose bookcase

There are a lot of different designs when it comes to bookcases. Lately, designers have even started to combine different pieces of furniture in order to create things like a bookcase inside a chair, or a mobile room with a bookcase inside, several relaxing reading chairs with bookcases incorporated etc. However, if you’re not necessarily looking for something unconventional or out of the ordinary, here’s a design that you might like.

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It’s a very simple bookcase. It’s made of wood with chocolate-stained wood veneer and it measures 36″w x 13″d x 72″h. It’s a very versatile piece of furniture as it features multiple storage spaces of different shapes and sizes. This allows you to store all sorts of things, like books, magazines, collectibles, decorations and anything else that comes in your mind. There two central rectangular spaces that seem to be the center of attention. You can store things according to their importance of frequency of use.

It’s a medium-sized piece so it can be incorporated into the living room or even in the bedroom. It has a simple design which makes it adaptable to almost any kind of interior. You can buy it for EUR 319.37. It’s a simple but elegance piece of furniture that would look great in any home.