Fougere wallcoverings – colorful florals and striking geometrics

Does your home need a make-over? It means it’s time to have fun. We’ve already discussed a very beautiful and exotic collection of fabrics that could help you change the atmosphere and the interior décor. Now it’s time to continue on the same subject, even with the same collection, but time we’re talking about the walls.

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Whenever you feel like your home tends to look a little old and you got bored with it, maybe you should consider changing some things. And it doesn’t need to be something big and messy. You can bring a new touch to your walls for example without much trouble. Take a look at the Fougere collection. Like the fabric collection with the same name, this one is also inspired by the Royal Botanical Gardens of Europe. It features exotic floral shapes combined with bold geometrics, resulting in a striking and artistic combination.

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There’s a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from. If you want something a little more simple and sober, you can opt for the black and white stripes or the geometrical figures for example. If you want something more fun and colorful, the floral patterns are the best. You can combine them or choose a different theme for each room. Also, you can choose a different pattern for each wall of the room, thus creating a mixture of elements resulting in a modern and fun décor. Again, the imagination is the key.