Floor and wall fireplace ideas by Vauni

I’m back with an interesting and cool fireplace for your modern living room. Coming for wall or floor, the bio-fueled fireplaces by Vauni are simply awesome. First of all, the Globe fireplace is a freestanding, chimney-free design that requires no installation, so it’s easy to move anywhere in your home. The second option is the wall mounted semi-spherical Cupola fireplace. Both are available in a black or white matte finish. And there’s also the taller version of the fireplace that can also be placed on the floor and can be easily transported anywhere you want.

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It’s a very versatile piece that will make a great addition to any living room. It has modern and simple design so it is not very hard to integrate it in the interior design of your house. And it also comes in two basic color tones: black and white. It’s a very nice piece for indoor use. But it can also be used outdoors as long as it’s in a protected area.

Floor and wall fireplace ideas by Vauni1

Fireplaces are now very easy to find because they no longer follow the traditional design. You don’t need to incorporate it in the structure of the house because they can be used just like any other furniture piece. A very good idea, in my opinion.