Floating sofa by Philippe Nigro

There are a lot of interesting designs when it comes to sofas, but this one is really unique as there is nothing like it. This sofa actually looks natural and simple except for the steel tube exo-skeleton frame. That frame has a very precise purpose and it’s not there just for the design. It doesn’t even look so good if you think about it, and it’s not at all children-safe.

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The real purpose of that steel frame is to support the sofa. The sofa is actually hanging from a lot of straps, looking like it’s floating. This spider web design is very interesting, but not very practical. It takes a lot of space and this is not something that anyone wants. But in case you have a very large living room and you want to make an impression, then this sofa is just the right thing. It looks somewhat artistic and also extravagant. It’s definitely an eye-catching piece of furniture.

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In case you don’t want the floating sofa, you can just place it on the ground, but it would be no fun, especially with that steel frame. The concept is very interesting, but perhaps a little exaggerated. Anyway, this sofa will definitely become the focal point of attention in nay home. If you try to ignore the giant spider web around the sofa, it’s really quite simple, just like any ordinary sofa. It’s comfortable and very inviting.