Fleur de Sel Sherwin Williams is the Ideal Barely-There Gray Neutral

Fleur de Sel Sherwin Williams is a shade of gray that’s cool and versatile. It’s an off-white color that can work in just about any part of the house. All decor styles can use this bright neutral, from modern to farmhouse.

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What Color is Fleur de Sel?

Sherwin Williams Fleur de sel SW 7666 is a cool, gray and bright neutral color. It has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 72 which means it’s quite bright.

The LRV scale measure lightness and runs from 0 to 100, with the whitest ranking at 100. At the other end of the scale, absolute zero ranks 0. Hence, the higher the number the more light the paint color reflects.

Part of the White and Pastel collection of colors from Sherwin Williams, this paint is gray and does not trend beige.

Fleur de Sel has blue-green undertones, which create the cooler feeling the paint has. In fact, painting a north-facing room in this color can make it feel a bit cold.

The high LRV scale and cool feeling of the paint can make a room feel much airier and give it a lightness you might not expect. This is why you need to sample Fleur de Sel in your own home before you purchase the color,

Coordinating Colors

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The easiest complementary colors to pair with Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel are darker ones. Blue, grau, green, pink and black all go well with this gray paint.

Shewrin Williams recommends Extra White SW 7668 for trim or March Wind SW 9002 for a monochrome look. A muted pink option is Carley’s Rose SW 7006.

Other ideas for contrasting colors are Wall Street SW 7665, Malted Milk SW 6057 or Caviar SW 6990.

Ready to see some inspired ideas for how to use this gray Sherwin Williams paint that has a cool vibe? Look at these examples.

Contemporary Kitchen

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Shearer Designs

Sleek and neutral, this contemporary kitchen looks great with Fleur de Sel Sherwin Williams paint. They look like the perfect white, although you can pick up a hint of the gray in the actual color.

The cool gray Sherwin Williams paint color is fabulous with Carara marble, which also has a cool vibe.

Open Plan Space

Open Plan SpaceView in gallery
Redstart Construction, Inc.

Open plan living areas are popular but can be challenging when it comes to paint colors. In fact, this one uses more than one paint color.

The whole area uses Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel paint along with a white paint color to pull the whole area together.

Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist BedroomView in gallery
Sarah Greenman

Fleur de Sel’s cool vibe is ideal for minimalist decor, including this bedroom.

The bed with black bedding is the focal point in the pale gray and white decor.

Timeless Exterior Look

Timeless Exterior LookView in gallery
Marcelle Guilbeau, Interior Designer

This pale gray Sherwin Williams paint color is very suitable for the exterior of the house too. A two-story home gets a timeless look with the grayish siding and darker gray trim.

Airy Bedroom

Airy BedroomView in gallery
Custom Home Group

A bright, airy bedroom feels even more so when painted in Fleur de Sel Sherwin Williams.

Much of the wall looks white, but closer to the floor the color can vary and you can see the gray in the paint.

Traditional Dining Room

Traditional Dining RoomView in gallery
Stone Acorn Builders

There’s a lot of wood in this dining and kitchen area so it doesn’t feel cold when you paint with Fleur de Sel Sherwin Williams.

The area is a little on the dark side so the paint color looks more gray than most of the other examples.

A Light Trim Choice

A Light Trim ChoiceView in gallery
Marcelle Guilbeau, Interior Designer

This barely-there gray paint color from Sherwin Williams is also a good option for trim, even on the exterior of the house.

Look at this unique dark gray house. The trim color stands out but does not pop like a stark white would. It works very well with the natural wood elements too.

Rustic Living Room

Rustic Living RoomView in gallery
Cowfeathers to Foxcroft Farm

This rustic and super cozy living room looks warm and inviting.

There are enough neutral and beige colors present to counteract any chilly vibe from the gray paint color.

Cool, Serene Bath Space

Cool, Serene Bath SpaceView in gallery
Franklin Allison

This luxurious bathroom is all white and gray colors and has a chic feeling. It’s calm and serene with a bit of edginess from the cool vibe.

Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel walls add just the right touch of gray color for a sophsticated bath.

Versatile Wall Color

Versatile Wall ColorView in gallery

Here’s a functional, stylish and family-friendly dining area that’s still great for company. Neutral gray walls match with the upholstery, which has defininte purple undertones.

Farmhouse Interiors

Farmhouse InteriorsView in gallery
Custom Home Group

When it comes to farmhouse interiors, Fleur de Sel is one of those Sherwin Williams paint colors that is ideal. It works well with this style of decor and most all of the colors you are apt to find in a farmhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Is SW Fleur de Sel warm or cool?

Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel SW 7666 is a cool gray paint color that works well as a neutral wall color.

What undertones does SW Fleur de Sel have?

This pale gray paint color has blue-green undertones that create a calming hue.

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams gray color?

Agreeable Gray SW 7029 is the company’s most popular gray paint color because it’s so versatile and neutral.

What colors go well with Fleur de Sel?

You have numerous choices foor coordinating colors. Go bold with a dark gray or blue color. Fleur de Sel SW also works well with shades of pink as well as a darker green paint hue. You can also go with similar colors to creat a monochrome palette.

What is the most popular Sherwin Williams greige?

The Sherwin Williams company says its top five greige colors are Perfect Greige, Anew Gray. Anew Gray, Alpaca, Mega Greige and Functional Gray.

Are greige colors still popular 2022?

Greige paint shows no signs of waning in popularity and designers say it will stay that way for some time. However, designer say that paint preferenes are shifting to shades that trend more beige than gray.


With so many shades of gray paint to test, the decision can be difficult. But, if you love a cool gray that does not trend beige, you might want to add Fleur de Sel SW 7666 to your home. It’s a true off-white hue with just the right touch of gray for today’s interiors.