Five Ways to Choose the Right Sofa

It’s where you relax and put your feet up after a tiring day, but a sofa can also be much more than that. Here are some tips on buying the right kind of sofa for your living space.

Figure out Your Sofa Needs.

Bright yellow sofa
Beautiful but Comfortable

Will your sofa be used for lounging around in front of the television after a stressful day or will it be where your guests relax when they visit you? Knowing what you’ll mainly be using your sofa for helps you establish what style of sofa you’ll need.

Style comfort
Do you Want Style or Comfort, or Perhaps Both?

If you want something that’s super comfortable and provides the perfect spot to relax, choose a sofa in a soft material that has a simple design. Sacrifice the sharper, more modern shapes that exude sophistication rather than comfort.

Sofa rug
Encourage Socialization with Your Sofa Choice

If, on the other hand, the sofa is mainly used for entertaining, you want something that will be a little more proper or creative. Mix and match various seats for more eclectic décor, while placing them in a circular pattern to encourage communication.

Match it to Your Décor.

Elegant living room
Take the Room’s Style into Account

You might want to match your sofa to the style of décor you have established in the room. So, if your style seems traditional and formal, your sofa should match the main color of the room while looking traditional.

Modern living room white rug
Or Make the Sofa the Hot Seat

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to try a sofa color that doesn’t match much in the room. This is a fun way to add a bit of eclectic charm to your living space.

Blend Dining and Seating Areas.

Leather tufted sofa
Place a Sofa in Various Rooms for Interesting Décor

A great way to save space and create a different look is to place your sofa in your dining area. This can work well if you color-match the sofa to the dining room, or match textures (for instance, a leather sofa could work with leather dining chairs). Sofa buying tip: think out the box when buying a sofa. It doesn’t only have to go in a defined seating area of the house but can be integrated into other rooms.

Large or Small?

Reclaimed wood wall
L-Shaped Sofas Fit Nicely in a Room while Being Versatile

When choosing a sofa for your living space one of the most important considerations is its size. You don’t want a small room to look overwhelmed by a massive sofa; likewise, a sofa that is too small can appear lacking. In large spaces, a curved or L-shaped sofa can be a great idea because it can easily fit into a corner or center of the room, plus it looks more appealing than a dead-straight sofa which can sometimes be cumbersome.

Bedrom rug
Fill the Gap!

A smaller sofa can be a great accent piece for various areas in the home, such as at the foot of the bed in a bedroom or to provide a seating area in a home office. These ideas fill the space while creating a homely feeling.

Consider Your Lifestyle.

Black rug white decor
High-Maintenance Lifestyles Clash with High-Maintenance Sofas

Although you might love a suede sofa that costs a fortune but looks amazing, this is not always practical if you have pets or small children. Something that is easier to clean, such as leather, and is a darker color would therefore be a wiser choice.

Style vs. Timeless Piece

Mix old new
Cutting-Edge Sofa Style

Do you want to buy a sofa that is trendy and modern? Perhaps it will perfectly accentuate your current chic living room.

Mix rug colors with wall art
Classic Sofa can be a Safe but Stylish Choice

On the other hand, a more timeless sofa could be a good choice for you if you are unsure of what style to choose and you want something that is classic.The great thing is that it can be updated or decorated with patterned cushions.

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