Festive and Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes: Ideas and Inspiration

Once Christmastime rolls around, your dining room table becomes the gathering point of choice in the house. Lots of family dinners and friendly get-together’s ensue. So, it’s only natural that we start to wonder and worry about how we’ll be decorating and setting the table for all of the entertaining endeavors of the season. Take a look at our compilation of festive and beautiful Christmas tablescapes and gather some ideas and inspiration for your place settings and centerpieces for the holidays!

1. Delicate and Simple.

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Tied with a ribbon, accented with just a bit of greenery and a pinch of star-dust confetti makes for a delicate and simple table design. Perfect for Christmas eve brunch or maybe even breakfast the morning after Santa’s visit!

2. Rusticly Wintertime.

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Still festive and full of the season, create a cozy, rustic and wintery tablescape. Complete the look with a bout of pinecones and snow-covered accents.

3. Cozy and Quintessential.

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Beautiful glassware mixed with cozy plaid patterns makes for a homey, yet classy style. Then add a bowl of chestnuts to the mix for a quintessential Christmas table!

4. Bright Party Time.

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We love the bright and vivacious pairing of cherry reds and delicious aqua. It’s equally festive as it is stylish, pair that with some party poppers and you’ll be ready to celebrate on Christmas night!

5. Snowman Essentials.

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Pick your favorite Christmastime theme and use that as your inspiration. We love how adorably charming this setting is in all its snowman glory.

6. Perfectly Mixed./h3>

Even around Christmastime you can bring our your eclectic, youthful spirit. Mix and match several festive patterns for a popping, trendy tablescape.

7. Modern and Youthful.

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With just some candy canes and Santa hats, you can make a modern, slick and youthful tablescape in a flash! All your guests can take a treat for the road when dinner is done.

8. Organically Cottage.

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Wood and whites, creams and golds, stick with organic materials and colors for a light and frothy Christmastime. We love the small addition of green bouts and plum-colored accents in this beautiful and stylish tablescape.

9. Family and Adventure

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Gather around the table with an edible, festive treat. Premake small gingerbread houses for your guests to snack on or keep. Or have the ingredients at each place setting for a fun adventure as they wait for dinner to be served. It’s cute too, don’t you think?

10.  Snow Coverings.

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Some of us love the frosty, snowy accents that are of the most posh and stylish of Christmas decor. Bring that to the table to create a snow-covered escape for all your guests to wow and coo over.