How to Create a Feng Shui Money Corner

A feng shui money corner is a specific area in your home that feng shui experts believe can bring wealth and prosperity into your life. Many of us could use just a bit of extra help to pay all of those monthly bills on time. Using these tips, you may just be able to stimulate positive energy that brings abundance in your career prospects and opportunities, thus increasing your income.

Feng Shui Money Corner

Feng shui practitioners use a powerful tool called a bagua map to help determine the energy in a given space. By implementing some of these same ideas in specific areas and throughout your home, you will achieve a more harmonious and balanced home environment and may possibly see some prosperity gains as a result.

Tips to Create a Feng Shui Money Corner

You can create a feng shui wealth corner in your home, in an individual room, or even on a desktop at the office. You may not be able to apply these tips in the same ways, but you can individualize them to fit many diverse realms.

Wealth Corner of the Bagua Map

The bagua map is a tool that feng shui designers use to determine the energy throughout a given space. Each area of the map corresponds to a particular area of life. You can activate the energy in a particular area with specific colors and symbols that represent the five elements.

The wealth area of the bagua map is the far left corner. You can locate this area by beginning at the entrance of a space and proceeding to the back left corner of the location. You can use this principle for a space as large as a home or as small as a desk.

This is the corner that will be the focus of your efforts. Your first task is to consider the state of this space. You may need to do some preliminary maintenance before you begin your enhancements.

Declutter and Clean

It is essential in a wealth corner to create positive feelings and desires. A clutter-filled corner may be blocking beneficial energy flow to your wealth corner. This clutter can create stagnant energy, leading to stifled business opportunities. Clean up the debris and clear out cobwebs and dust to create a more positive environment that will make you open to fresh energy and prospects.

Add Symbols of Wealth

Feng shui experts believe that placing symbols of prosperity in the wealth area can stimulate the positive energy in this space. Traditional symbols of prosperity include a bowl of coins, a lucky bamboo plant, a money frog, or a jade plant. It is best to avoid cluttering the space as this creates its own problems. Use just one or two wealth symbols in your prosperity corner.

Choose the Right Colors

Colors are a powerful symbol in feng shui design. Colors can help to stimulate the right energy in a prosperity corner. Consider colors such as purple which symbolizes wealth in feng shui belief. You can also use blue or green shades to symbolize the wood element. This element is associated with the wealth corner of the bagua map.

Add Wood Symbols

The wood element represents growth and vitality, just the kind of energy that you want in your money corner. In addition to plants like jade and the lucky bamboo, all plants symbolize the wood element. Use houseplants that make sense for your space, as you want to make sure that your plants are thriving and vibrant. Easy to grow plants include peace lilies, snake plants, and golden pothos.

Other wood symbols that you can add to your prosperity corner include vertical columns, stripes, and pictures of plants and trees.

Include a Water Feature

Within the five element paradigm, feng shui practitioners believe that the water element feeds wood. Add a water feature like an aquarium or a fountain to your money corner. You can also use shades of black and deep blue to symbolize the water element.

Bring in Crystals

Crystals are another powerful tool in feng shui design. Feng shui experts believe that each crystal has different energy properties. There are particular crystals experts associate with wealth and abundance. These include citrine, also called the merchant stone, pyrite, or fool’s gold, green aventurine, and tiger’s eye.

Enhance Lighting and Airflow

Dim light and poor airflow create feelings of depression and stagnation. Make sure that your feng shui wealth corner has optimal lighting and airflow. Uncover your windows to bring in health-giving sunlight. Open the windows to bring in fresh air and more positive energy. Bring in a mirror to help reflect light, if your wealth corner does not have many windows.

Good Maintenance

It is vital that you keep your wealth corner clean and well maintained to symbolize your ongoing commitment to your prosperity. Make sure that you take care of your plants as sick and unhealthy plants create negative energy. Dust and clean the area regularly and replace broken or worn-out items.

Can You Increase Your Wealth With a Feng Shui Money Corner?

It is important to note that feng shui practices are not magical solutions for creating wealth and are not a replacement for hard work, smart investments, and long-term planning. Instead, feng shui helps align your outer space with your inner goals. Feng shui designs help you practice mindfulness and intentionality in your home. This can help you to recognize areas of your life where you need to address things that may be holding you back. By facing these issues and aligning your outer spaces with your aspirations, you can create positive energy that will help you move forward in all areas of your life.